2019 Quirky Turkey Pageant winners

You’ve seen them this summer on the sidewalks along Main Street.

Now we have winners of the second annual Quirky Turkey Pageant, announced Aug. 16. in a presentation during the Noon at the Plaza performance in Strawberry Plaza.

According to the city, as many as 245 votes were cast for the winner of Best in Pageant, and the Arts Commission voted on winners for the various categories.

The winners are:

 ♦ Best in Pageant: #20 “Dwight” (sponsored by Badman Bullets, created by Kayla Reagan).

Most Interesting Medium: #6 “PEAKing Tom” (sponsored by PEAK Internet, created by Team PEAK).

♦ Arts Commission Choice: #22 “Zac ‘Jack’ Brown” (sponsored by Modern Forest, created by Colleen Becker).

♦ Most Creative: #24 “Fierce Frankie the Alzheimer’s Awareness Turkey” (sponsored by The Oaks at Lebanon, created by The Oaks residents).

♦ Quirkiest: #25 “Turkey Stark” (sponsored by Linn-Co Federal Credit Union, created by Jesse Clayton).

Other competitors were:

  • #1 “Major Tom,” sponsored by Consumers Power Inc., created by Gary Marks and Paul Aziz. (Note: This entry was not included in the competition)
  • #2 “Glymr,” sponsored by Penco Precision, Inc., created by Stephanie Groves.
  • #3 “Rainbow Queen,” sponsored by Mystic Valley #98 Rainbow for Girls, created by Hito.
  • #4 “Senior Shenanigans,” sponsored by Lebanon Senior Center, created by Senior Center patrons.
  • #5 “Mr. Trips,” sponsored by Oregon State Credit Union, created by Ellen Wheeler.
  • #7 “Glazed & Confused,” sponsored by Sugar Vibes Donut Co., created by Zach Martinak, Jade Wolfenbarger and Janice Jackola.
  • #8 “Fancy,” sponsored by Linn-Co Federal Credit Union, created by  Nichole Griffin.
  • #9 “Ten Pin Tom,”  sponsored by American Family Insurance – Bryan Flager Agency, created by  Stephanie Jennings.
  • #10 “Ephemraturkey,” sponsored by Mr. G & Jenny’s Insurance Group, created by Christian Cammarato.
  • #11 “Booker T,” sponsored by Marlene Flyer, created by Rachel Staneart and the Lebanon Community.
  • #12 “Nurse Ratched,” sponsored by Avamere Lebanon Rehab, created by Kim Stoering.
  • #13 “Turkey Club,” sponsored by Greater Santiam Boys & Girls Club, created by members of the Lebanon Boys & Girls Club.
  • #14 “Mr. Turkey in the Woods,” sponsored by Linn County Arts Guild, created by Freda and Gina Darby.
  • #15 “Shelly,” sponsored by MBVA Building, created by Vanessa Smith.
  • #16 “Meechee,” sponsored by Bigfoot Grille, created by Cindy Kerby.
  • #17 “Botaniturkey,” sponsored by Modern Forest, created by  Faith Farrar.
  • #18 “Turkracken, Model X1359,” sponsored by FIRST Team 1359 Scalawags, created by The Scalawags.
  • #19 “Surf & Turf,” sponsored by NW Apparel & Graphics, created by  Yvette Meyer and Brooklynn Theodoroff.
  • #21, “Uncle Sam,” sponsored by Drew Briese Custom Concrete, created by Laura Lange.
  • #23 “The Brim Bird,” sponsored by Gateway Imprints, created by Brittany Nassar.
  • #26 “Mr. Fabulous,” sponsored by COMP-Northwest, created by Summer Mustoe.
  • #28 “Mr. Santiam,” sponsored by North Santiam Coffee Company,” created by Adam Wilhite and Jack Tacy.
  • #29 “Tango Tom,” sponsored by Oregon Veterans Home, created by  Tammy Casey and Jolene Gibbs.

To see photos of all the contestants, visit lebanonlocalnews.com and find this story.