48-Lot subdivision proposed near Vaughan and Stoltz Hill

By Sarah Brown
Lebanon Local

The Planning Commission held three public hearings and, ultimately, approved the annexation of two separate parcels of property and a proposed development of 48 lots during its July 19 meeting.

A majority of the meeting centered around discussion regarding a proposed subdivision consisting of 48 lots on nearly 23 acres located north of Vaughan Lane between Stoltz Hill Road and South 12th Street. Approximately half of the property will remain undeveloped “because there’s quite a bit of development constraints for this subdivision,” Community Development Director Kelly Hart said. It includes floodplain, wetland and riparian protection boundaries, as well as an airport overlay.

The subdivision would be called “Cedar Springs” and abut the Clearview Subdivision, extending Mazama and Fuji lanes through its tracts.

A subdivision is proposed west of South 12th Street, north of Vaughan Lane, but the westernmost portion of the property that abuts Stoltz Hill Road will remain undeveloped.

Some discussion among the commission included questions regarding fire code and maintenance of the undeveloped property, and concerns about homeless encampments.

“My concern is you’ve got 11.8 acres that’s not defined as far as who’s in control of it,” Commissioner Marcellus Angellford said. “That’s a breeding ground for unauthorized camping and all kinds of things. I’d be concerned if I bought one of those parcels and I’ve got a cluster of homeless people that are encamped out my back door and it’s not my property. Who’s gonna have the authority to boot those people out?”

City Attorney Tré Kennedy explained there would be a Homeowners Association (HOA) in charge of facilitating any such issues.

Nearby resident Michael McClanahan expressed concern regarding the number of proposed lots and potential of increased traffic, stating Fuji and Mazama lanes are narrow roads that would create a “bottleneck” of cars. He also raised questions about the floodplain boundaries and said there’s about a four-foot drop to a retention pond from the current dead-end of Fuji Lane to the proposed development.

Laura LaRoque, of Udell Engineering, responded that there are plans for topography and grading “to make sure storm water, for example, can flow in the proper direction.” Touching on the flow of traffic, she said drivers will briefly pass through the roads to connect to the larger street system from 10th and 12th streets.

The proposed subdivision was unanimously approved by the commission.

In other business, the commission:

♦ Held a public hearing for and approved the annexation of 1.21 acres of property on the west side of South 12th Street, north of F Street;

♦ Held a public hearing for and approved the annexation of .62 acres of property on the east side of South 12th Street, north of Turtledove Loop.