Alyse Fountain Signs to WOU

Alyse Fountain, of Lebanon High School signed to Western Oregon University on May 30.

Fountain began her high school education at Sweet Home High School before moving to Lebanon in 2020 during the COVID pandemic.

It could be said Fountain’s start in running began while she attended Sweet Home’s Oak Heights elementary school from kindergarten to sixth grade, participating in track each year and winning blue ribbons. In third grade, she began playing soccer in various clubs including AYSO. She took what she learned and competed at the varsity level throughout her high school education. Along with playing in soccer in high school, Fountain competed in varsity track all four years, being the sophomore, junior and senior of the year, and staying in the top 10% of her class.

Photos by Sky Chappell

Fountains’ high school education began with her trying track and field, after only participating in elementary. According to her grandmother, Lupe Wilson, Fountain participated in all four years at the varsity level, making it to state three of her four years and making it to the podium in three different events.

“She’s been one of the most successful sprinters that we’ve had here in Lebanon in a long time,” Athletic Director Kraig Hoene said. “[I’m] super excited to see what she’s going to do at the next level.”

According to athletic.net, Fountain set many season records this year, completing the 4×400 in 4:28.09, a 10 second increase from the previous year, and the 4×100 at 50.33, another improvement of two seconds. Fountain set personal records as well, specifically in the 40 yard dash, completing it at 5:50.

“She is a little bit of a track junkie,” Hoene said. “Many people can run, but she’s one that’ll come in and talk track, not just participate. To the coach that’s kind of impressive.”

Fountain was seen during this signing with family and friends.