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Area radio show host expresses gratitude in a book

In December 2021, 99.9 KRKT morning radio show host Scott Schuler was hospitalized after suffering from blood clots. The clots resulted in a pulmonary embolism and stroke.

Angela Schuler

After nearly a month’s stay in the hospital – which stretched over his birthday, Christmas and the New Year celebration – Schuler was released to recover at home with his wife, Angela Schuler, and their five children. Having spent that entire time as her husband’s caregiver at Good Samaritan Hospital in Corvallis, Angela (who is also a radio show host)  documented those days in her new book, “An Open Book.”

While taking readers through the terrifying journey of her husband’s illness that kept him off the airwaves for more than two months, Angela also documented the stories of kindness and love that friends, family, members of the community and medical staff showed.

“I sat down to write ‘thank you’ cards and ended up writing this book instead,” Angela said. “The book is one big ‘thank you.’ It’s a good story that I really wanted to tell.”

She also wanted to document the stories that her husband – who at times was intubated and unconscious – wasn’t even aware of. She shared about the Sheriff’s deputy who raced to the emergency room the morning Scott coded and the real estate mogul who, without a second thought, loaned Angela a luxury RV to sleep in throughout her stays at the hospital. There’s also the story about the kind friend who helped decorate Scott’s hospital room for Christmas and the nurses who were able to prevent an unwanted hospital transfer.

“An Open Book” is available under the ISBN https://books2read.com/u/49LEEM in e-book, print and audiobook format (narrated by the author).