Best in the West Triathlon moves to June

By Ethan Hoagland
Of The New Era/Lebanon Local

The Best in the West Triathlon Festival will now be held in June, due to wildfires and the recurring Green Peter Reservoir drawdown, according to event organizers. In a press release, organizers said wildfire smoke and water temperature will be too unpredictable in September.

The 12th annual festival last September drew just under 1,000 participants during what Race Director Blair Bronson called “some of the best weather” the festival has experienced.

A statement from Linn County Parks about the decision said in part, “Linn County Parks and Recreation is working with The Best in the West Triathlon to hold the triathlon on a weekend that is the least disruptive to other park users and that meets their needs for consistent water conditions (temperature and levels), less smoky air quality, and an overall more ideal date for the athletes.”

The statement went on to say that June was the best choice to minimize any other impacts to the park, and that Linn County Parks looks forward to helping Best in the West support the local economy.