Bo-Mack’s to open in former Kris’ Kitchen location

By Sarah Brown

Lebanon Local

Following the closing of Kris’ Kitchen last July, a new owner has taken up residence in the building on Main Street, and it’s a name many in Linn County are familiar with: Bo-Mack’s BBQ.

“At this point right now, we’re doing some catering out of here and we’re doing some (bottling) production,” said Kendra Knebel, owner of the family-run business.

The location isn’t big enough to host a sit-down food service like the former Bo-Mack’s restaurant in Albany,  but the Knebels plan to turn the storefront into a small marketplace called Bo-Mack’s BBQ Market.

“It’s gonna be an infusion of Mama’s Food and Kris’ baked goods,” Knebel said.

They will offer Bo-Mack’s famous meats, salads and baked goods, but also continue selling some of the more popular Kris’ Kitchen items, such as the razzleberry pie.

Knebel said Kris Krabill was happy to sell the place to them, and knew she could trust the Knebels with her recipes because they would hold them to a high standard.

“Lebanon loves them already, and it’s only going to get better,” Krabill said. “God’s hand is in this whole deal.”