Burn pile causes one-acre fire

Lebanon Fire District responded to a grass fire in the 39000 Block of Lacomb Drive that burned more than an acre on Thursday, June 1. Crews were able to quickly extinguish the fire before it was able to reach any structures or timber.

An investigation revealed the fire was started by a burn pile that was left unsupervised for a brief period of time. Although burning was permitted throughout Linn County, LFD reminded residents it’s important to keep a watchful eye when burning yard debris. Winds and a long dry spell contributed to the spread of the fire, despite there being green grass.

LFD responded with five apparatus and 11 personnel to help extinguish the fire.

LFD warned residents to keep fire safety in mind when burning yard debris piles. Always keep the area around the burn pile clear of tall grasses and brush, make sure to have a water source ready when burning such as a garden hose or buckets of water, and never leave the fire unattended, they said.