Campaign tackles wildfire risks

Keep Oregon Green launched a new wildfire prevention campaign and released five new public service announcements as part of “Put Your Smokey Hat On” during Wildfire Awareness Month.

The ads, which feature Emmy-award winning actor and Oregon native Ty Burrell, encourage Oregonians and tourists to keep wildfire safety in mind while enjoying the outdoors.

Smokey’s hat is the driving force behind the campaign. New campaign artwork, PSAs, and additional wildfire safety tips can be found at keeporegongreen.org or its various social media platforms.

Each year, more than 70% of Oregon’s wildfires are started by people. Many are a result of escaped fires from debris burn piles or gas-powered equipment casting sparks or catching fire.

During the 2022 season, the Oregon Department of Forestry reported that people were directly responsible for sparking 616 wildfires that burned 1,255 acres. Any spark can gain traction in dry fuels, spread quickly and impact lives, personal property, and Oregon’s scenic landscapes.

Ty Burrell

A new wildfire prevention topic will be shared each week this month help homeowners and recreationists learn how to prevent their outdoor activities from sparking the next wildfire.

For more information, visit the websites for Keep Oregon Green at http://www.keeporegongreen.org, the Oregon Department of Forestry at http://www.oregon.gov/odf, and the Oregon Office of State Fire Marshal at https://bit.ly/3Mrn2NJ.