Card-skimming device found at Sweet Home 7-Eleven store

An illegal card-skimming device was found Thursday, May 26, at the 7-Eleven at 2405 Highway 20, the Sweet Home Police Department reported Friday morning.

Police officer Sean Potter, who said the device was likely installed within the last couple of weeks, urged customers to watch their bank and credit-card statements for unauthorized purchases and any unusual activity. He also encouraged the use of credit cards instead of debit cards.

Potter added that these devices had been found in 7-Eleven stores along the West Coast, and that customers should notify their banks in advance of potential fraudulent charges and contact their law enforcement agency if one is found.

Skimming devices are plastic shells with keypad overlays that fit over a card reader. When inserted, it reads cards and stores the cardholders’ name, card number and expiration date until the information is downloaded or transferred wirelessly.

Anyone with information regarding this case is encouraged to contact Potter at (541) 467-5181.