City water system flushing to begin Monday

The city of Lebanon will begin the annual flushing of the public water system Monday, Oct. 24.

The annual flushing is done to ensure clean, safe drinking water, increase flows through fire hydrants, and identify any maintenance needs before they become a problem. During the process, city maintenance crews will be flushing fire hydrants and exercising water valves all throughout the city. While the crews are flushing the system there is the potential for sediment in the pipes to be stirred up causing discoloration of the water.

If customers should encounter discolored water in their home, customers should turn on all the cold-water faucets and allow them to run until the water is clear and flush all toilets twice. If running the water doesn’t alleviate the problem, customers are encouraged to call (541) 258-4918 and staff will assist the customers.
To assist  crews with this annual system maintenance, the city asks that no leaves
be placed in the streets at this time, as this will help prevent unnecessary flooding. If you
do have leaves in the streets at this time, please remove them. The 2022 leaf pick-up
season will not begin until the beginning of November.

For information or to express concerns,  contact Public Works at (541) 258-4918 or

[email protected]