County property market values rise to $21B-plus

The real market value of all properties in Linn County climbed to more than $21 billion for the 2021 tax year, according to Linn County Assessor and Tax Collector Andy Stevens.
That’s up sharply from $18.8 billion for 2020.
Stevens said Linn County residents will receive their property tax statements this week, as they went into the mail Tuesday, Oct. 12. If payment is made in full by Nov. 15, there is a 3% discount, Stevens said. November 15 postmarks are acceptable, but taxpayers are encouraged to mail early.
Stevens reminded people that most values are based on a January 1, 2021 assessment date.
Overall, residential properties in Linn County had an increase of 4.6% in the taxable value and 14.3% in real market value from last year.
Rural properties increased 3.7% in taxable value and 14.7% in real market value; farm properties increased 5.8% in taxable value and 11.4% in real market value; commercial and industrial values are up 4.8% in taxable value and 5.3% in real market value; and multi-family properties are up 8.3% in taxable value and 24.2% in real market value.
Stevens noted that Scio saw a minimal six-tenths of a percent taxable value increase in part because a large personal property account moved assets out of the county and there was a decrease in the Utility Roll within that tax code area.
Overall real market value increased 17.4% in Sweet Home from last year. Sweet Home’s increase was partially due to approximately 3,500 properties being reappraised for the first time in several years last summer. The only community that saw a decrease in overall values was Gates, where numerous properties were destroyed by the September 2020 wildfires.
Stevens said that although the Assessor’s Office is open to the public, staff are practicing COVID-19 protocols and taxpayers can get questions answered by phone or online. The office website provides additional information and now includes a diagram of a tax statement that highlights information provided. It can be found at http://www.co.linn.or.us/assessorshomep/Tax%20statement%20final.pdf.
“We also have a payment drop box at the west end of the courthouse, located off the Ferry Street entrance” Stevens said.
Tax statements include a flyer that provides information about payment due dates, payment options and what tax relief programs are available to area residents.
“Our goal is to educate the public,” Stevens said.
Stevens also reminded property owners affected by the 2020 wildfires to contact his office if they have not done so already, because there may be tax relief options available to them.
For more information, call the Assessor’s Office at 541-967-3808, email [email protected] or visit: www.co.linn.or.us/assessorshomep/assessor.htm.