Couple charged with manslaughter for the death of child

John David Hutchings, 28, and Kaitlyn Rose Hutchings, 23, were taken into custody in Lebanon on May 13 for Linn County Circuit Court warrants for second-degree manslaughter.
The two were also charged with first-degree criminal treatment, three counts of second-degree child neglect, and three counts of endangering the welfare of a minor.
According to court documents, the Hutchings’ negligently caused the death of Jaelyn Hutchings, a minor, on Sept. 23, 2021. Documents also allege the child was left unattended for a period of time that was likely to endanger her welfare, as were two other minors, Arrian and Zayden Hutchings, all under the age of 10. Other charges refer to the children being in a place where unlawful activity involving controlled substances were maintained or conducted.
A pre-trial conference for John Hutchings is scheduled for June 6.
Also in the courts this month, Robert Christopher Kroff, 31, pleaded guilty on May 9 to strangulation constituting domestic violence, a class C felony, and was sentenced to 30 days jail and 36 months probation.