Dear Editor: Chavez-DeRemer Has My Vote

Dear Editor:

I was saddened to read that someone wrote in favor of infamous grifter Jamie McLeod-Skinner. It seems that the writer is in favor of socialism, which is a way of everyone having access to the same privileges without working or paying for them. I had to pause for a minute so I could stop laughing and compose myself. This is the same Democrat who has a Staff that filed complaints against her; it’s public information and not something that I as a voter would like to see. This is the same Democrat whose wife goes on social media and cuts down those that don’t share their own lifestyle or agenda. Quite frankly, it’s pathetic. I’m very passionate about our great State of Oregon and all it has to offer – but nothing is free, nor should it be.

Today, I am writing in support of working Representative Lori Chavez-DeRemer.

Lori has personally helped me understand the political landscape of Oregon and I consider her an ally and a friend. I thoroughly enjoy her Town Hall Meetings; I’m always happy to get that phone call. Whether I am only listening or actively participating, I know that Lori has our best interests in hand. Lori also happily works on bi-partisan bills and projects (so, not exactly the “extremist” that Ms. Nilsen paints a picture of). Lori advocates for our Veterans. Also, from Jan 2023 to Apr 2024, Mrs. Chavez-DeRemer missed 3 of 847 roll call votes, which is 0.4%. That is amazing. She is present.

In closing, I hope that Mrs. Chavez-DeRemer defeats Mrs. McLeod Skinner, again, because it’s best for Oregon. We have got to stop voting for Democrats who make empty promises and enable bad behavior.

Josh Bacher
Lebanon, Oregon