Dear Editor: Disgusted with ‘Disgusted’

Dear Editor,

This is in response to the “Letter to the Editor – Disgusted by Nomination.”

The writer expressed their disgust and concern, which is their right. I’m going to express my disgust and concern with their letter, which is my right.

Immediately, I see an issue with this letter. How did the writer know why or how Dr. Kosmala was terminated? The details weren’t publicly released, however, what Dr. Kosmala believes she was fired for was her stance on transgenderism. That’s a policy discussion.

The writer goes on to elaborate that there were many other deserving women. Who? Name one.

I nominated Dr. Kosmala due to all of the hard work she has done for the wellness of children in my community for YEARS and YEARS. I do not know her; I know of her. She has helped members of my family immensely. That’s good enough for me.

The writer’s letter is reverse discrimination, plain and simple, because someone hurt their feelings.

In closing, if I were Dr. Kosmala, I would subpoena this “Newspaper” and sue the letter writer immediately. Calling someone a bigot in a public forum is not only unwise, but grounds for libel.

Josh Bacher