Dear Editor: Proposed bond will not meet needs

I want to say Lebanon’s School Board meeting tonight (Feb. 10) raised concerns for me.
It appears the school district will seek to obtain a new bond to repair and upgrade the swimming pool and cover maintenance items on each school.
My grave concern is the fact $10 million will go directly to upgrade and repair the swimming pool; yet the remaining funds from the bond will not complete all of the necessary repairs and overall maintenance on the school buildings.
In fact, Supt. Bo Yates indicated it is impossible to say what will be able to accomplish and what will not be included of the listed items on the flyer included in the board packet.
The flyer is deceiving as it lists what items are needed at each school, yet there isn’t enough funds to complete the identified areas. It is understandable, with increased pricing as to what is accomplished.
My concern is the fact I find the school buildings a higher priority than the swimming pool. The bond will guarantee $10 million towards the pool, regardless of the fact not all of the items listed for school building maintenance and repairs will not be funded.
During the board meeting, Board Member Tammy Shilling raised the concern, Board Policies are overwhelming. She indicated she had not read them yet. She stated it felt like busy work to her.
As a former board member, I must remind all school board members it is their responsibility to read, know, and understand all policies and any changes to the policies.
Assistant Supt. Jennifer Meckley takes on the task to maintain and keep the policies current with any legal changes in the state or federal government. This does not eliminate the board’s responsibility to read each change being made.
This is a key component of each board member’s responsibility. I read all 226 pages and I am not on the School Board.
Ms. Meckley appeared to almost be attacked for the job she and the board are equally responsible for. Ms. Meckley makes it very easy for anyone reviewing the changes to see what was removed or added with each policy change.
It seems to me, if a board member is not able to fulfill their role and read their board packet, prior to the Board Meeting, they may need to step down and allow someone else within the community to take their place on the board.
Todd Gestrin