Dear Editor: Vaccinate Your Kids for Well-Known Diseases

Dear Editor,

This letter is aimed at the younger generation. Please take time to really think. The following took place in the 1930s. I speak from experience.

When I was 2, I had mumps. In first grade I caught chicken pox. Oh, how that itched! Oatmeal baths were a flop. Scratching off a scab left scars. Then I got whooping cough. I could not stop coughing until I finally vomited, then I could catch my breath. What a mess! That was scary. It hung on for weeks.

Next was German measles. Well, that wasn’t so bad. In second grade I was isolated to my dark bedroom for three weeks with red measles… the one that could leave me blind, or with meningitis or dead. I was very sick with that one. At age 8 I was vaccinated against smallpox at school.

Why this tale? We had no vaccines for these diseases. MMR prevents those terrible measles, mumps, and German measles.

Why bother with the mumps? That’s not so deadly. But my teen cousin had mumps, and later a delightful wife… but no kids.

DPT was the first shots my kids got: diphtheria was deadly, pertussis is whooping cough, and tetanus was everywhere. Protect your toddlers.

The 1950s were a panic with infantile paralysis everywhere and no one knew how it spread. Then Sabin and Salk provided polio vaccines. I lined up with my kids at the first opportunity for those doses.

All my kids got chicken pox. No vaccine I was aware of then.

Why am I compelled to tell you this? I am on the autistic scale, at the Asperger end. My point is that no vaccine caused my Aspie syndrome. That was recognized before I was 2 1/2, but I had had no vaccines. I was different, but it just wasn’t identified and named for a few more decades.

Autism appears about the same time as vaccines are given, but there is no more causal connection than teething causing autism.

All of my six kids went to college and are good citizens. No drugs, no drop-outs. Those old vaccines did no damage to their brains.

I plead with you, vaccinate your kids with the ones I have listed above, at the minimum. You don’t have to get multiple shots at each doctor visit. Get one at a time if you don’t want to overload, although the combos I mentioned are trusted and they do work. If anyone must have two separate shots at the same time, at least put them in opposite arms, not the same spot.

Other things we didn’t know way back then:

For burns, no salve! Use a warm wet used black-tea bag laid on gently… whether stove or sunburn. This works better than anything you can buy. Or vinegar or aloe juice.

If you use nose drops, bend your head waaay down forward to get it to the sinuses. If you bend back, it just goes down your throat, bypassing the upper nose where you want it.

I am so grateful for Bactine and Neosporin. Dad swabbed our cuts with iodine. Owww!

Now please, will you get your kids vaccinated? Don’t take a chance on measles, polio, or whooping cough, which are trying to come back.

I am not dealing with the level of truth or deceit in government, medical or media here. Some old inventions are still useful, like shovels or wagons. History has verified the effectiveness and safety of these old vaccines. Don’t throw out the baby with the bathwater. Be grateful, use them, protect your kids from these miseries.

Joan Scofield

Sweet Home