Deputies charge Scio man with animal neglect

Linn County Sheriff deputies responded to an animal neglect case in the 40000 block of Rodgers Mountain Loop near Scio after receiving information that multiple sheep were in various stages of neglect.

Deputies arrested owner Brian Dietrich, 43, of Scio, following an investigation. He was arrested July 11 on 26 counts of second-degree animal neglect, and was transported to the Linn County Jail.

Deputies began an investigation and obtained permission from the uninvolved landowner, who was leasing the property, to access the property to evaluate the conditions of several sheep. Deputies quickly learned multiple animals have been neglected for a while. Health conditions varied with some having neglected and rotted hooves, causing pain to the point of having difficulty walking and standing.

Some of the sheep had wounds on their chest from having to lay for extended periods.  Deputies also found the sheep did not have access to potable water, and the only water provided was full of algae and bugs. Some sheep were found deceased from neglect.

Deputies seized 26 sheep, eight of which were limping and unable to walk more than a few steps before laying down. Deputies continue to work closely with a vet in hopes of getting the remaining animals to recover. The Sheriff’s office reported it will be a continuous process that will take time for each animal to fight back to good health, but added that most are making progress towards better health.

Deputies will continue to monitor the case as the animals progress.