DMV raises fees for 2024

The Department of Motor Vehicles announced it is raising fees starting in 2024. None of their services were spared in the uptick.

According to a press release, obtaining a driver’s license or ID card, renewing vehicle tags and taking a driver’s test (among other DMV services) will see increased fees starting Jan. 1, 2024.

The fee increases are a result of legislation passed this year (House Bill 2100) designed to help DMV recover costs and temporarily avoid service reductions. Plate transfer, replacement plate/sticker, VIN inspection, plate manufacturing, camper/travel trailer/motorhome registration and dealer document fees are included in the bill.

Other fees, such as vehicle registration and the road usage charge, will see their fourth and final step increase Jan. 1 as part of Oregon’s historic House Bill 2017 transportation investment package.

According to DMV Administrator Amy Joyce, statutory fees recovered by Oregon’s DMV have not kept pace with the actual cost to deliver services. Most DMV fee increases over the last 20 years have gone to transportation projects at the city, county and state levels, not to DMV operating costs. The 2024 increases will help them recover costs, but do not make up the gap. For instance, driving skills tests are labor-intensive to provide; the fee is increasing from $9 to $45. Yet the cost to provide the service is $123 per test. That gap is even more significant for commercial driving tests.

“We have a structural funding problem that needs a long-term solution,” Joyce said. “These fee increases will help us carry the cost burden for a while and allow us to continue to provide DMV services without much interruption. We look forward to working with our partners in the Oregon legislature to identify long-term solutions to our funding problems.”

DMV encourages Oregon residents to save time and perhaps some money by conducting their DMV business online.

“More than ever, we recommend going online for our most common transactions,” Joyce said. “We’ve added more than two dozen services in the past three years.”

Customers can see what they can do online now at DMV2U.Oregon.gov.

Some services, like adding the Real ID option to a license, must be done in person. Before going to the DMV, make sure to have all the documents needed and that the local office is open by visiting OregonDMV.com. Use the Real ID tool to determine which documents are needed for obtaining a Real ID.

New DMV Fee Schedule:

Driver-related transactions

Original Issuance Current Fee   New Fee
Original Identification Card Issuance $44.50 $47
Original Class C License (non-commercial) $60 $64
Original Class C or Motorcycle Learner’s Permit $23 $30
Original Motorcycle Endorsement $87 $98
Original Commercial Driver License (CDL) $75 $160
Original Commercial Learner’s Permit (CLP) $23 $40


Renewals Current Fee   New Fee
Identification Card Renewal $40.50 $43
Class C License Renewal (non-commercial) $40 $54
Class C or Motorcycle Learner’s Permit Renewal $23 $26
Class C with Motorcycle Endorsement Renewal $68 $82
Commercial Driver’s License Renewal (CDL) $61 $104
Commercial Driver’s License with Motorcycle (CDL) $89 $132


Replacements Current Fee   New Fee
Identification Card Replacement $39.50 $40
Class C License Replacement (non-commercial) $26 $30
Class C or Motorcycle Learner’s Permit Replacement $26 $30
Commercial Driver’s License Replacement (CDL) $26 $30
Commercial Learner’s Permit Replacement (CLP) $26 $30


Test Fees Current Fee   New Fee
Class C Knowledge Test $5 $7
Class C Skills Test $9 $45
Motorcycle Knowledge Test $5 $7
Commercial Knowledge Test (CDL) $10 $10
Commercial Driver’s Skills Test (CDL) $70 $145


Other Fees Current Fee   New Fee
All Hardship/Probationary Permits $50 $75
All Reinstatements $75 $85


Vehicle-Related Transactions Current Fee   New Fee
License Plate Transfer $6 $30
Replacement Plate/Sticker $5 or $10 $12
VIN Inspection $7 $9
Plate Fee – Single $12.50 $13
Plate Fee – Pair $25.50 $26
Recreation Trailer and Camper for each foot

over 10 ft.

$6.75 / ft.

+ base fee

$7 / ft.

+ base fee

Motorhome over 14 ft. for each foot over 10ft. $7.50 / ft.

+ base fee

$8 / ft.

+ base fee

Light Vehicle Trip Permit $34 $35
Recreational Vehicle Trip Permit $34 $35

Motorcycle and Moped Registration Period Changes

The registration period for all new motorcycles and mopeds will be two years beginning Jan. 1, 2024.