Dodgeball tournament aims to boost relief

By Sarah Brown

Lebanon Local

The Lebanon Fire Community Assistance and Initial Relief Service (LFCAIRS) held what it hopes will be its first annual dodgeball tournament Oct. 26.

The tournament included teams from the Lebanon Fire District, Lebanon Police Department, Laura Gillott Keller-Williams Realty, and a group of friends called “The Heat.”

LFCAIRS supports community functions that meet the needs of members in the community, such as providing bike helmets and glow sticks for children, assistance to victims of fire loss, and financial and logistical support for people in crisis and need.

When victims of fire loss finds themselves without food or shelter, LFCAIRS provides cash and supplies until other services, such as Red Cross, can take over, said Julie Kemper, volunteer.

“If they have nowhere to go, we are able to give them the cash that gets them by for a couple nights just to kind of figure out what they’re going to do,” Kemper said.

Anyone interested in joining LFCAIRS can call (541) 451-1901 for more information.