Dropped art connects people through creativity

Members of Linn County Arts Guild are used to hiding little pieces of art around town, but this year they made sure to participate in World Art Drop Day on Tuesday, Sept. 5, dropping pieces not only in Lebanon and Sweet Home, but even as far away as Salem.

Someone posted this picture on the Linn County Arts Guild Facebook page of a piece of art they found. They said they were having a bad day, but this hidden treasure cheered them up.

World Art Drop Day is a day for artists of all media to place original works of art in a community to be found by passersby. When he started the event in 2018, founder Jake Parker said, “We need to feel a little more connection to each other and there’s nothing like the bond two random strangers can make through the act of creating and giving.”

Annette Reisbick hangs a scarf on a sign at Sweet Home’s school district transportation parking lot on Tuesday, Sept. 5, as a contribution for World Art Drop Day. Photo by Sarah Brown

Annette Reisbick dropped a couple of her knitted pieces in Sweet Home. A scarf knitted to look like a school bus was left at Sweet Home’s school district transportation parking lot. It was a piece she liked a lot, she said, because she used to be a school bus driver herself. A tag attached to the piece asks the finder to take a picture and share it with the Linn County Arts Guild.