Fire Defense Board outlines burn season guidelines

In response to Oregon’s burn season, the Linn County Fire Defense Board has asked residents to become familiar with the Oregon Department of Environmental Quality’s open and agricultural burning guidelines.
Burn season, which is subject to change based on fire conditions, usually runs from Oct. 1 to Dec. 15 and March 1 to June 15 each year.
Last year, Lebanon Fire District responded to 144 burn complaint calls, 93 of which were unauthorized burns.
The Albany Fire Department responded to 136 such incidents. Unless there’s an immediate threat to life or property, these complaints will be reported to the DEQ at 1 (888) 997-7888, not the Linn County Sheriff 911 system.
The DEQ regulates and enforces open and agricultural burning. Contact the Linn County Burn Line at (541) 451-1904 or consult the DEQ’s Open Burning Map Tool at www.oregon.gov/deq/aq/Pages/Burning.aspx before burning.
For more information visit the Linn County Fire Defense Board web page at www.linncountyfiredefense.com/ or Facebook page at @linncountyfiredefenseboard.