Fire restrictions end in Willamette National Forest

Fire restrictions on the Willamette National Forest have been rescinded due to cooling temperatures and rainfall.

Forest fires are still a threat, so visitors are asked to remain vigilant and minimize campfire impacts.

Fire danger rating remains high across the forest and the industrial fire precaution level is at Level 2. During an IFPL 2, personal firewood cutting may resume; however, chainsaw use is not allowed from 1 to 8 p.m. A one-hour fire watch is required after equipment is shut down.

Recreationists should refrain from campfires on dry and windy days. It is illegal to leave a campfire unattended; bring plenty of water and have a shovel on hand when maintaining a campfire.

Visitors should “Know Before You Go” as fire area closures from this year and previous years remain in effect. Check road and weather conditions before heading out as well as letting someone know your travel plans. Visit tinyurl.com/ys5yrdhu and the closures page, tinyurl.com/25tfzd8w for additional information.