Firefighters Tackle Multiple Reports in One Day

The Lebanon Fire District responded to multiple fires in one day, on July 6. Among them included two apartment fires.

They first responded to a report of a fire at the Cedar Ridge Apartments, located in the 2400 block of 12th Street. At approximately 11:24 p.m. all Lebanon fire stations were dispatched for the incident. The caller reported they could see and smell smoke coming from the third story of the apartment complex. BC31 arrived on scene to a light haze of smoke coming from the apartment. LFD was able to locate the source of the smoke after searching for several minutes. No damage was reported from the fire.

Six minutes after the first apartment fire was reported, a second fire at the Sand Ridge Apartments was reported. E34 was diverted to the second fire. The caller reported having multiple outlets that were extremely hot. E34 arrived on scene and confirmed the caller statements. E34 and other resources from the district were able to isolate the outlets and notify the building manager. After a thorough investigation to insure there was fire behind the outlets, the residents of the apartment were allowed back into their home.

The Lebanon Fire District would like to remind every to properly extinguish hot or smoldering material from BBQ’s, cigarettes, or fireworks before disposing of them. Also, with the extremely high temperatures it is important to monitor your electrical outlets ensuring that they do not have too many appliances running off them. To many appliances can increase the demand of electricity and cause the outlets to overheat.