Four-day burn ban starts tomorrow

Fire agencies within Linn County, including the Lebanon Fire District, have issued a four-day limited duration burn ban on all backyard and agricultural burning effective Thursday, May 9, through Sunday, May 12.

The status of the ban will be evaluated on Monday, May 13, to determine if it will be continued or lifted, according to Linn County Fire Chief John Bradner. The reason behind the temporary ban stems from extremely dry fuel levels throughout the valley, which has not seen measurable rain in nearly three weeks and is forecast to receive temperatures up to 90 degrees over the next four days. This combination leads to a high level of fire risk and the potential for fire spread should a backyard burn or agricultural burn escape containment.

What this means for residents within the Lebanon Fire District is that no backyard burning will be allowed during this stated timeframe, including barrel burning or pile burning. Additionally, agricultural burning on farm land will also banned for the 4-day period.

The ban is not a total burn ban and recreational fires including residential fire pits, propane fire pits, and both gas and charcoal grills are still permitted during the four-day ban; however, fire officials advise using extreme caution with these implements during the ban.

Prior to performing any backyard or agricultural burning, residents must call the Burn Information Line at (541) 451-1904 and select the appropriate option to hear the daily restrictions. Failure to follow burn regulations can result in substantial fines from the Oregon Department of Environmental Quality.

To report an illegal burn or a dangerous fire dial 911 and provide dispatchers with a description of the fire (estimated size, speed, and nearby exposures) and a detailed location of the fire, including the best access point for responding apparatus.