High school briefly placed under lockdown

Lebanon High School went into brief lockdown Friday morning, Dec. 3, after staff members were told of a student with a possible weapon on campus.
Law enforcement arrived quickly as administrators put the school into lockdown, said district spokeswoman Susanne Stefani.
“In situations like these, we err on the side of safety and caution,” she said.
As a further precaution, nearby schools Cascades and Green Acres were put into a lockout condition for security.
Stefani said it was determined quickly that the report was incorrect and that a student was overheard and misunderstood by a peer.
Rumors circulated, and a LHS parent, who saw a concerning text message, “did the right thing by speaking up,” she said.
Around 9 a.m. police determined there was no threat present and that the campus was safe, prompting the lifting of the lockdown, Stefani said.