How to Update Your Subscription

We want to thank you for continuing to subscribe. Local journalism would not be possible without subscribers like you, and we are forever grateful.

If you are ready to proceed, select the option below that applies to you.

If you are a print subscriber and have never signed up online, the solution for you is to call or email us. We will walk you through the process of moving you from our old system to our new system. This will include updating your information, including address, email, phone, etc… 541-367-2136 or [email protected]

Login to your account and go to “My Account.”

Verify all your information is up to date (Address, phone number, etc…) and save. Then click “Manage Subscription.”

Once that is done you can select either monthly or annually. Follow the prompts and once that is done you are good to go.

No worries, we got you! Just give us a call at 541-367-2136.