Icebox Cook-off extravaganza of BBQ arts

Radiator Supply House hosted the Icebox Cookoff barbecue competition Friday through Sunday, July 1-3, drawing some of the top talent in the field.

“It went very well,” said Will Garrett, of what essentially was the inaurgural event. His firm hosted a smaller competition last year, but this one was open to the public on Saturday.

Garrett said an invitation-only crowd of approximately 800 attended on Friday, as 35 professional pitmaster teams competed. Saturday’s crowd “started pouring in just before 11 a.m. and rotated all day. He estimated the numbers consistently at about three times the Friday attendance – over an approximately 12-hour span.

“From what I heard, even yesterday as we were cleaning up, everybody was so happy with it,” Garrett said Tuesday morning. “To me, it was family, it was food, and hundreds and hundrds, if not thousands of smiles. Kids playing and running, fishing on the pond, fireworks. Families with smiles on.”