Illustrator workshop for teens

The Lebanon Public Library will host a special comic illustration workshop by local artist and illustrator Jen Hernandez for teens, age 13-18.
The workshop will be from 2:30 to 3:30 p.m. from March 27-30. Registration is required to attend all or any specific class. Contact the library at 541-258-4926 to reserve a spot.

MONDAY, MARCH 27TH: Creating Characters
-design characters with backstories, we can use these characters throughout the week for the other classes
-students can work on developing character charts for characters they’ve already created or to make new characters
TUESDAY, MARCH 28TH: Quick Comics
-make a quick 4-panel comic based on step-by-step prompts
WEDNESDAY, MARCH 29TH: Details and Expressions
-how to use line in illustration and angles in comics to create drama, tension and expression
-we’ll make the sketch of a 4-panel comic that students can finish at home
THURSDAY, MARCH 30TH: Using the Senses to Create Comics
-how to make a visual comic that a reader can “hear” “smell” “taste” or “touch.”