Initial Ballot Results Indicate “No” for Fire District Levy

As ballot results undergo first counts, it looks like Lebanon Fire District may not receive the levy requested, receiving only 31.34% (2,436) “yes” votes against a whopping 68.66% (5,336) “no” votes.

These first results show that out of 24,772 registered voters, only 32.72% turned out for this vote. A total 8,105 ballots have been received and 330 were undervotes.

The levy would provide for six additional firefighters with the goal of, ultimately, improving response times. According to Fire Chief Joseph Rodondi, in the past decade LFD call volume increased 45%, and there’s been a 200% increase in “call overlap” (more than one call happening at the same time), causing average response times to increase three minutes, 23 seconds.

At 75-cents per $1,000 assessed value, the ask would cost homeowners approximately $150-300 per year (based on a home valued between $200,000 and $400,000).

The LFD receives funding through property taxes, service fees (inspections, permits, ambulance), and through bonds, grants and levies. Although Lebanon is said to be among one of the fastest growing communities in Oregon, the tax base in this rural community isn’t growing fast enough to keep up with needs, Rodondi said.

In other ballot results:

  • For State Senator, 9th District, only 15 write-in votes were returned for democrats, and republican Fred Girod leads (99.16%, 706).
  • For State Representative, 11th District, democrat Nina Brenner leads (96.69%, 2,248), and republican Jami Cate leads (99.21%, 6,903).
  • For County Commissioner, Position 2, democrat David Scranage leads (96.98%, 5,073), and republican Roger Nyquist leads (98.85%, 11,005).
  • For County Commissioner, Position 3, 1,329 write-in votes for democrats were submitted, and republican Sherrie Sprenger leads (99.15%, 11,146).
  • For US Representative, 5th District, democrat Janelle Bynum leads (67.10%, 5,146), and republican Lori Chavez-DeRemer leads (98.01%, 11,207).
  • For Circuit Court Judge, 23rd District, Position 1, Michael Wynhausen leads (98.43%, 15,817).
  • For Circuit Court Judge, 23rd District, Position 3, Rachel Kittson-MaQatish leads (98.47%, 16,518).
  • For District Attorney, Doug Marteeny leads (98.73%, 16,983).
  • For County Assessor, Matthew Pitcher leads (98.74%, 15,894).
  • For County Surveyor, Thomas Casey leads (98.78%, 15,964).
  • In the presidential race, Joseph Biden is receiving a majority of the votes for democrats with an 82.75% lead, 6,648 votes. Donald Trump is receiving a majority of the votes for republicans with a 93.60% lead, 12,469 votes.
  • For Secretary of State, democrat Tobias Read leads (66.27%, 4,957), and republican Dennis Linthicum leads (60.68%, 7,245).
  • For State Treasurer, democrat Elizabeth Steiner leads (74.69%, 5,469), and republican Brian Boquist leads (99.23%, 10,633).
  • For Attorney General, democrat Dan Rayfield leads (71.16%, 5,215), and republican Will Lathrop leads (60.66%, 7,155).
  • For Supreme Court Judge, Position 2, Rebecca Duncan leads (97.57%, 16,011).
  • For Supreme Court Judge, Position 3, Meagan Flynn leads (97.61%, 15,765).
  • For Supreme Court Judge, Position 5, Arunah Masih leads (97.50%, 15,493).
  • For Court of Appeals Judge, Position 2, Megan Jacquot leads (97.71%, 15,647).
  • For Court of Appeals Judge, Position 4, Robyn Aoyagi leads (97.61%, 15,547).
  • For Court of Appeals Judge, Position 6, James Egan leads (97.39%, 16,250).
  • For Court of Appeals Judge, Position 7, Steven Powers leads (97.80%, 15,590).
  • For Tax Court Judge, Robert Manicke leads (98.52%, 15,745).