Lebanon Fire District offers free life jackets for public use

Life jacket kiosks are once again open for use at Gil’s Landing, Waterloo North Boat Ramp, and the Waterloo South Boat Ramp.
Twice weekly, volunteers visit each kiosk to make sure they are adequately stocked with not only life jackets, but waiver forms, pens, and appropriate signage.
Lebanon Fire and Life Safety staff then use that data to make sure jackets are being returned and properly cared for.
The program’s success depends on the good faith of community members to fill out a waiver form and return their life jackets before they leave the parks. Waiver forms help Lebanon Fire District not only locate missing life jackets, but also validate the need for kiosks in the community by showing high usage.
Before you borrow a life jacket, here are some key points to remember:
♦ Even with temperatures rising, the water in the South Santiam River remains cold.
♦ Life jackets are not a substitute for water safety and awareness.
♦ Children in life jackets should be monitored by a responsible adult at all times when near the water.
♦ A life jacket is only as good as its fit – check out signage at the kiosks and videos on our social media sites for how to properly fit a life jacket.
♦ Returning your life jacket could save a life. Life jackets should be returned to the kiosks before leaving the park.