Lebanon Fire District recognizes 2019 award recipients

While Lebanon FIre District award winners are usually announced at the beginning of the year during a formal award ceremony, COVID-19 has challenged that tradition this year.
After rescheduling several times, LFD has held small award recognition ceremonies with each shift and the volunteer corps over the past few weeks.
Members of the fire district are nominated by their peers and supervisors and then selected by an awards committee.
Here are the department’s award winners for 2019, with comments from the Fire District:

A Shift

Intern Firefighter of the Year Tucker Karo: “Tucker has been very impressive during his time as an intern at Lebanon Fire District. He is enthusiastic, has a strong work ethic, and seems to work tirelessly. He is passionate about being a firefighter for the district and he does an excellent job.”

Albert J. Smith Career Firefighter of the Year Cody Manzi: “Cody works extremely hard both on emergency calls and around the station. He has a passion for teaching others, is a great firefighter and a solid paramedic. He took over the giant responsibility of managing PPE (personal protective equipment) and is doing an excellent job. He has an excellent work ethic and strong morals. (He is being recognized for) always doing the right thing and striving for perfection.”

B Shift

Glen Pappy Yocum Memorial EMS Award Honoree Michael Perkins: “Michael has great knowledge of EMS, excellent bedside manner, and is always willing to train others. His work on researching and procuring heart monitors provided all new equipment for the District. On top of that, he teaches ACLS (Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support) and CPR. Michael is able to remain calm on serious medical calls and make the right decisions for his patients. (He has) desire and willingness to improve the district’s Emergency Medical Services.

Bruce Parton Community Service Award Honoree Erin Nunes: “Erin has a strong desire to bring her passion for the fire service to others. She has championed the Young Women’s Fire Academy two years in a row with great success. Several young women from the academy have already joined the Lebanon Fire District as volunteers. As a company officer, she is a wonderful mentor and leader to many.”

C Shift

Jeff Cole Memorial Career Officer of the Year Marshall Brookfield: “Marshall has been focused on expanding the swift water rescue training program for years. He has never given up hope that one day he would get a boat funded for rescues. This year he was successful in his quest for funding and will add a watercraft to the Lebanon Fire District apparatus arsenal. He is an extremely knowledgeable officer, and he is always willing to pass his knowledge to others. (He evidences) enthusiasm and persistence in improving the technical rescue group.”


Support Volunteer of the Year Roxanne Wilkins: “Rocky has been a source of enthusiasm and joy since the day she first stepped into the fire station. She lends a helping hand to every department. In 2019, she was the first Fire Corps member to be certified to drive Rehab 31, dressed up as Sparky for Fire Prevention Week, worked at the blood drive, attended many district functions, and received her child safety seat technician certification. (She is being recognized for) her dedication and spirit to improve the Fire Corps program.”

Jeff Cole Memorial Volunteer Officer of the Year Scott Wilkerson: “Scott really is a staple at the fire station. He attends nearly all first alarm fires, district events and drill nights. He is a positive teacher and mentor for everyone. Scott makes sure that his crew members have the right training to be safe on the fire ground. Scott is a great asset to the Lebanon Fire District. (He demonstrates) dutiful presence at first alarms and community functions.”

Bob Berry Outstanding Volunteer Member Award Honoree Marcus Pearson: “Marcus has taken a lot of time out of his busy medical school schedule to teach others the medical knowledge that he is so well known for. He obtained his paramedic standing orders with the district and teaches classes as often as he can, all while having a great attitude. (He is being recognized for) his work with Medical Student Mondays and his positive attitude.”

Albert J. Smith Volunteer Firefighter of the Year Jeff Wilkerson: “Jeff is always at drill and spends his own time attending training outside of the district. He has greatly improved his skill set and knowledge over the past year. In the absence of a company officer, he has also stepped up to help with training other company members. (He is being recognized for) teaching and mentoring new firefighters.


Bob Berry Outstanding Career Member Award Honoree Crystal Patterson: “Crystal has taken the Lebanon Fire District social media pages to a new level. She works incredibly hard to make all fire department events successful. In 2019, she obtained her child passenger seat technician certification and performs the majority of car seat checks at the station. She is always a pleasure to be around and will always offer to help in any way possible. (She is being recognized for) going above and beyond her duties on a daily basis and producing high quality work.”

Length of Service Awards:
35 Years – Bert French
30 Years – Ken Foster
25 Years – Jason Bolen
15 Years – Jason Adamson
15 Years – Scott Wilkerson
10 Years – Mike Shum
10 Years – Jeff Wilkerson
5 Years – Jamin Hooley
5 Years – Nick Unruh