Lebanon Fire District selects firm to handle construction of new main fire station

The Lebanon Fire District has selected Emerick Construction as a construction manager/general contractor (CM/GC) for the new Station 31 project, the district announced Wednesday.

Emerick joins the project alongside Rice Fergus Miller, the architectural firm hired late last year.

“While any of the top applicants would have done a great job,” said Fire Chief Joseph Rodondi, “Emerick Construction had the breadth of relevant and timely fire construction experience that fit our needs.”

Differing from the standard design-bid-build process, the CM/GC method allows for more opportunities for success and cost savings, according to an LFD statement.

“By having Emerick join as CM/GC during the design phase, they can collaborate with Rice Fergus Miller on the development of the design to provide additional value and risk reduction. The CM/GC will also submit a guaranteed maximum price which will provide an extra layer of fiscal responsibility.”

A significant benefit of the CM/GC process is close interaction and collaboration between all project team members. Such collaboration has already kicked off, as representatives from Emerick, Rice Fergus Miller, and the Lebanon Fire District met Monday, Oct. 18, to discuss the new Station 31 project.

“I am pleased that Lebanon Fire District had the foresight and patience to change procurement methods for this project,” said Gunnar Gladics, principal architect with Rice Fergus Miller. “With all the uncertainty and risk that has occurred in the last year, this process will help mitigate commodity fluctuations and supply chain issues.”

“We understand the amount of work and dedication it takes from the community to get to this point in the process, and are proud to be part of this project team,” said Jordan Fell, special projects director with Emerick Construction. “We look forward to building a facility that will serve the Fire District and the citizens of Lebanon for years to come.”

By postponing some of the construction processes, LFD has successfully avoided the extreme increase in building supplies, the district said. The biggest hurdles the project will face now are large lead times, which are currently being felt across the globe.

Demolition is projected to begin in spring of 2022, with the target completion date of summer of 2023 remaining the same.

Lebanon Fire District Main Station