Lebanon residents asked to weigh in on cultural opportunities, activities

The Linn County Cultural Coalition is inviting the public to take a brief online survey about local culture.

The Linn County Cultural Coalition is a nonprofit corporation that promotes development of the arts, heritage, and humanities in Linn County through periodic distributions of grant monies from the Oregon Cultural Trust (culturaltrust.org), supplemented by local donations.

The LCCC awards grants to fund a broad range of activities, including arts education, historical preservation, community theater, concerts, and library programs for toddlers and elders in Linn County. Between 2005 and early 2020, the coalition has distributed more than $178,000 among 87 organizations within the county. Recently, those total dollars more than doubled, when the coalition distributed Linn County’s share of Oregon Emergency Relief funds to nonprofits hurt by the coronavirus pandemic.

The coalition also maintains a directory of the county’s cultural organizations, viewable at linnculture.org/cultural-resources.

The survey is part of a review of LCCC’s mission and priorities. Over the past several months, the Coalition’s board of directors has been reviewing its mission and priorities through a series of Zoom meetings. Now the board wants to bring the public into its planning process. “We want to know what local cultural assets people value the most, and what they feel is missing in Linn County culture,” said Rebecca Bond, secretary for the coalition board of directors. “The responses to the survey will help us sort out our funding priorities.”

The survey is available through Nov. 30 at linnculture.org.

The coalition encourages all Linn County residents to take the survey, whether or not they are involved in arts, heritage, or humanities organizations.

Answering the six questions should only take about ten minutes,” said Bond, who also encouraged respondents to explore the Coalition’s new website, at linnculture.org.