Letter and a poem

Chorus down but not out of action

The Linn County Cultural Coalition, in conjunction with the Oregon Cultural Trust, recently announced that the Lebanon Community Chorus has been awarded a $2,000 grant in support of their efforts to bring musical excellence to our community. LCC will use these funds to help defray the expense of providing instrumentalists for its next concert.
From the Tabernacle Choir at Temple Square to church and community choruses around the nation and the world, the global COVID-19 pandemic has virtually shut down group singing. As we learned from a sad experience in Washington State last spring, choral singing spreads the virus at an alarming rate with unacceptable consequences.
The Lebanon Community Chorus canceled its 2020 spring concert and has not resumed traditional in-person singing since then. A small subset of singers has been assembled to perform as a virtual choir, recording songs individually, and then assembling those recordings into surprisingly good choral productions. In the near future they anticipate sharing these recordings with the community.
The LCC is tentatively planning to resume rehearsals this coming fall, making it possible to hold a concert in December of 2021. The grant from the Linn County Cultural Coalition will ensure the inclusion of an orchestra!
Jim Rutledge
Lebanon Community Chorus
Board of Directors

Editor’s note: Local poet Doug Snell submitted the following poem for the readership:
Toddler, toddler,
Wobble to me,
Grasp my finger,
I walk slowly with thee.
Toddler, toddler,
Your smile I see,
Chortling, giggling,
Passing knee to knee.
Toddler, toddler,
Curious as can be,
Getting into everything,
Leaving a mess for me.
Toddler, toddler,
What a joy to see!
You are most precious,
Oh, how I love thee!
– DC Snell