Letter: Questioning candidate’s comments


Mr. Bosley, who is running for mayor against incumbent Paul Aziz, has said in his interview in the October issue of “Lebanon Local” that some people still believe Ken Toombs is the present mayor and that some folks don’t know who  the mayor of Lebanon is today.

It would seem that Bosley is blaming Paul for this ignorance, but where the ignorance lies is with the people themselves who don’t, and never will, keep tuned to current events.

Bosley also says that he never wants to talk bad about anyone,”It’s not something I want to do.”  Well, he comes awfully close to saying something bad about someone:  Paul Aziz. You can’t have it both ways.

Contrary to Boswell’s thoughts about Aziz’s inactivity in the community, the man, Aziz, is everywhere, at most events, in the community.

Tony Hayden