Letter-writers weigh in on County Commission campaign

Tired of ‘hateful, deceitful politics’


Regarding the mailer I read from Kerry Johnson, running against Sherrie Sprenger for Linn County Commissioner: I’m tired of hateful, deceitful politics. I wish people running for office would tell me what they are going to do for us, not spend hundreds or thousands of dollars on opposition research and then tell half-truths or flat-out lies to get elected.

For example, Kerry Johnson reports Sherrie stated she was “stepping down” on the ladder to run for Linn County commissioner. The only part of that statement in quotations is “stepping down.” The rest is taken out of context because I have heard Sherrie speak of it, that in the political arena being a commissioner is a rung lower on the political ladder, but that is not what is important to her.

Johnson printed twice that Sherrie was removed from leadership. That’s a mischaracterization. Sherrie resigned that position because there was no bipartisanship with the Portland liberals she shared the committee with.

Kerry Johnson criticizes Sherrie for $32,000 in reimbursements for lavish trips and mileage reimbursements. Many people in this state and Linn County have travel for training or other work. I know I did. If they use their own money, they have the legal right to be reimbursed. I asked Sherrie about this. $32K is over her 12 years. That’s only $2,600 a year. doesn’t sound lavish to me.

If Sherrie Sprenger is that bad of a person, why does she have the support of current Sheriff Jim Yon, Sheriff Bruce Riley (retired), Sheriff Tim Muller (Retired) and the Linn County Deputy Sheriff’s Association?

Kerry Johnson said that, while working for the Oregon State Racing Commission, she never asked for reimbursements for travel or mileage expenses. Please keep in mind if you’re driving a state car with state fuel, you can’t ask for reimbursement. Also, all state agencies provide a per diem for all meals and lodging or authorize the use of a state credit card. So there is no need to ask for reimbursement there either.

Please keep in mind that if someone is willing to twist the truth to get elected, what will they do in office?

Damon Struble



Vote values, elect Sprenger


It is vital that we vote our values, so I will be voting for Sherrie Sprenger for Linn County Commissioner. During these tough times it is vital to have experience and effective leadership on the Linn County Commission. Sherrie has excellent qualifications and strong experience. She has been representing parts of Linn County since 2008 as a state representative.

This means she understands how government works and how to get things done. I especially appreciate her thoughtful leadership. Sherrie uses her excellent listening skills to seek out new ideas and different perspectives. She carefully weighs alternatives, considers possible outcomes and develops reasonable positions. She is approachable and engaged and genuinely committed to serving her constituents.

Please join me in voting for Sherrie Sprenger for Linn County Commissioner. I am confident that she can hit the ground running on Day 1 of her term.

Debbie Burns



Johnson would provide ‘steady leadership’


We have been friends with Kerry for 30 years through, starting with our relationship within the dental field and progressing throughout our lives from there. She has shown tremendous leadership in the community through her work on the Fair Board, the Linn County budget committee, and in the business community.

Now more than ever, we need steady leadership. During a public health crisis like this one we are in, we are reminded that who we elect to public office matters.

As small business owners, we know county government is going to be playing a big part in helping our local small business get back on their feet after the virus dissipates.

Having leaders like Kerry Johnson, who understand small business and how they support the working families of our communities, will be essential to making a full recovery.

She has lived her whole life right here in Linn County. She understands the needs of our community and how to get things done. We have a tremendous amount of confidence in Kerry and her ability to lead our community to success, now and continuing on.

Join us in supporting Kerry Johnson for Linn County Commissioner.

Dan and Kathy George



Sprenger endorsed for a reason


The Albany Area Chamber and Good Government Council endorsed Sherrie Sprenger for Linn County Commissioner with good reason: She has the experience, common sense, proven record, and integrity to serve us well as a Linn County Commissioner. Sherrie Sprenger is exactly the kind of leader that any community would be proud to call their own.

The comments made in the recent mailer attacking Sherrie could not be further from the truth. Sherrie’s love of people and her heart for Linn County are genuine and proven and that is why she is coming home to serve. Please vote for Sherrie Sprenger for Linn County commissioner.

Janet Steele

Albany Chamber of Commerce


Sprenger’s character ‘above reproach’


Those of us who know Sherrie Sprenger can testify that her character is above reproach.

A servant leader, Sherrie has worked tirelessly to represent the constituents of House District 17, and all Oregonians for more than a decade in the state legislature. Throughout her life Sherrie’s faith has guided her decision making, enabling her to make great personal sacrifices for the benefit of those she serves. At no point in her career of public service has Sherrie ever compromised her believes or integrity for personal gain. Her voting record, and more importantly her life speaks to that truth.

I was beyond disappointed to see Sherrie attacked by her opponent in a political mailer based on lies and outright deception. If Kerry Johnson is willing to say and do anything to get elected, what does that tell us about what kind of leader she would make.

Please join us in supporting Sherrie Sprenger for Linn County commissioner.

Jon and Rachel Kloor



Mailer shows Johnson’s true colors


Sherrie Sprenger’s opponent just showed her true colors by sending out an ugly mail piece full of misrepresentations about Sherrie Sprenger.

Her opponent claims Sprenger is all about power and money. That could not be further from the truth and anyone who has worked with or knows Sprenger, knows that she has spent years representing and serving her constituents selflessly, often times going above and beyond.

Did you know that she worked quietly to get the remains of a POW returned to his wife after 45 years?

Did you know that she puts her personal cell phone on everything and welcomes calls from anyone?

Did you know that she paid for expenses for important legislative conferences out of her campaign account so that tax payers wouldn’t be paying for those things?

This is not a game to Sherrie; it is about making a difference and being accountable to those you represent. Apparently, Sherrie’s opponent doesn’t understand that and wants to play political games.

I believe that how you campaign is how you will lead and unfortunately I don’t like what I’ve seen from Sherrie’s opponent. I am truly disappointed by the mailer that had nothing but garbage on it. Sherrie Sprenger is one of us and will win on election day. Join me and vote Sherrie Sprenger.

Macey Wessels



Kerry Johnson a problem-solver


The important thing to know about Kerry Johnson is that she cares.

She cares, and she likes solving problems. What better combination for a public servant? What’s more, she’s good at it. She gets things done. She knows how to go beyond her own capabilities and resources by reaching out to others and inspiring them to contribute. One person can do a lot, but one person willing to ask for help, build support, combine talents and passions and resources can do pretty much whatever needs doing.

When Fish of Albany needed more coats for a winter coat drive she personally donated over one hundred coats. When the Scio Gleaners had trouble with their funding, she made a donation and then she made some phone calls. By the time she was finished, they were able to provide a Thanksgiving dinner to every family they serve. If she reaches the ends of her abilities and the problem is not solved, she doesn’t stop. She reaches out. She pushes harder. It is a unique person who doesn’t stop when their limit is reached, but only when the problem is solved.

My family has been patients of their dental practice for years and whenever there has been a death in the family, a marriage, a birth we have received a handwritten card from Kerry. Because she cares. This is the kind of person we need in our government. Someone who cares – who knows how to get things done.

Jan Schilling



Sprenger’s experience makes her good choice


I am supporting Sherrie Sprenger for Linn County Commissioner.

The position of county commissioner is best served by a well-rounded and well-grounded person.  Sherrie will bring those qualities to the position when elected.  Her educational achievements and her experiences as a business owner, a deputy sheriff and a legislator make Sherrie the best suited candidate for the position.

Sherrie’s work on the Lebanon School Board, Linn County Compensation Board and as a Sunday school teacher demonstrates her commitment to her community and county.

At this time it is difficult to meet the candidates.  Please consult your Voters’ pamphlet and see Sherrie at www.SHERRIESPRENGER .COM.

I appreciate and thank Will Tucker for his tenure on our County Commission and I ask fellow Linn County voters to join me in electing Sherrie Sprenger as his able replacement.

George Pugh



Kerry Johnson ‘capable’


I have known Kerry Johnson many years as an employee, co-worker and friend.

I have found Kerry to be very intelligent and admired her ability to grasp and learn any new endeavor she pursues. I watched her do it with her work on the Oregon Racing Commission, the Linn County Fair Board and with the Willamette Community Bank. Even with her beekeeping.

Kerry has a lot of enthusiasm and energy. I was always amazed at the times I knew she was dead tired, and still she would take time to talk with you. I’ve noticed Kerry has a great respect and a special place in her heart for the elderly and takes the time to visit.

Because Kerry has lived, worked and been active in her community she has the ability to network and delegate just from the sheer number of people she knows. Plus she has a pulse of what is going on in her community. She knows the history of where we have been.

I think Kerry is capable of fulfilling her duties as commissioner, her banking background will serve her well with budgeting and spending and her astute experience with people will help her to hire great people to serve the county. I believe she is ready to rise to the occasion.

Kathy Cox