Letters to the Editor: October 2018

Candidate has heard concerns


I support Renee Windsor-White, Democratic candidate for House District 17 State Representative, in the Nov. 6 election. Renee grew up on a farm in rural Illinois, and that experience will serve her well in District 17.

Renee, a Lebanon resident, has spent countless hours visiting District 17 communities, including Lebanon, Mill City, Sweet Home, Stayton and Sublimity.

Her motto is to “Listen, Serve and Lead.” She has heard many people’s concerns, including everything from Internet access for rural areas such as Cascadia to mental health issues for veterans everywhere. She is developing plans to address these critical issues.

Renee is running against 10-year Republican incumbent Sherrie Sprenger. I hope Rep. Sprenger will agree to a debate or participation in a candidates’ forum with Renee.

For more about Renee, see  www.renee4OR17.org or e-mail her at [email protected].

Wendy Nilsen



Candidate knows the community


Michelle Steinhebel will be an excellent city councilor for Ward 3.

Michelle is thoughtful, researches issues thoroughly, and makes decisions only after considering all sides of the issue.

I had ample opportunity to observe Michelle’s ethics and work habits for the four years we worked together at the Lebanon Express. I watched her as an employee and as a manager.

She willingly took on assignments of all kinds and, in so doing, broadened her knowledge about the community she grew up in.

Michelle sometimes reported on the city of Lebanon, learning about its responsibilities, including budgeting. That experience will benefit the residents of Lebanon when she is elected to the City Council.

AK Dugan



Candidate ‘breath of fresh air’


A breath of fresh air. A burst of energy. A mind full of innovative ideas. A desire and ability to serve our Linn County community.

That’s Stephanie Newton! Stephanie is running for Linn County Commissioner. The first time I met her and heard her speak I was behind her all the way.

Even before this current midterm vote she did something never done in our county before – she started to video record the Linn County Commission meetings.

They are open to the public, but the agenda and the meetings were never before made easily available. Seeking transparency in all our local government, she made it happen.

I hope you take the time and have the interest to look her up on the Internet because Stephanie is surely worth your effort and our lovely county will be better off for it.

Joi Espelund



Candidate has proven experience


When someone moves into Linn County and eight months later decides to run for county commissioner because they know the values of county, that lacks credibility.

John Lindsey has drawn a competitor who registered to vote here in July of 2017 and believes she has a comprehensive understanding of the beliefs and values of the people of Linn County without serving in any official or a volunteer county wide position.

Linn County has been well served by John Lindsey and deserves your vote to continue as a Linn County commissioner.

When you think about the economic turn around seen in Linn County, you can be thankful for the leadership our commissioners.

When you think about the new Veterans Home, the seedling that anchored the development of the medical sciences campus, you can be thankful John Lindsey was looking after the interests of the people in Linn County. He knows us because he grew up here.

Taking care of our veterans, greater educational opportunities and more jobs are reasons why

I urge you to vote for John Lindsey for County Commissioner to continue improving lives in Linn County.

Diane Tillotson