Library’s newest offering to patrons: seeds

By Sarah Brown
Lebanon Local

For the would-be gardener, Lebanon Public Library could say it has just about everything one needs to get started.
The library launched its newest opportunity for patrons this month with a “seed library.”
The idea is not new, but when Danielle Herb was hired as assistant librarian some time ago, she mentioned she’d like to implement a seed library in Lebanon, said Kendra Antila, library director.
“I just thought it would be great for the community,” Herb said. “We have a big agricultural community and gardening community.”

Danielle Herb sorts through packets of the 120 seed varieties available at the library to “borrow.”

Lebanon’s seed library was started with a limited collection of 120 varieties for vegetables, herbs and flowers that were donated by local and national companies. Anyone can “borrow” up to five seed packets per year.
“There’s two different models for this,” Herb explained. “Some libraries decide to do the return model, so they’ll catalog the packet with the seed in it, and then you have to save the seed once the plants grows and that’s your return, is bringing in new seed from the plant they grew with the original seeds.”
But Lebanon is doing a different model, the “no return required” model.
“We just think that’s easier not making people return it, but we are encouraging to learn the basics of seed saving,” Herb said.
Encouraging residents to save and donate seeds will help make the program more sustainable, Antila said.
Also, Herb noted there’s currently a seed shortage in the states, so any donations from residents would be appreciated.
Inventory of the seeds currently available include such items as carrots, beans, broccoli, tomatoes, morning glory, petunia, snapdragon, basil, cilantro, rosemary and more.
For more information, and to link to an inventory list, visit https://www.ci.lebanon.or.us/library/page/seed-library.