Linn County OKs budget for 2022-23

After four days of deliberations, the six-member Linn County Budget Committee last week approved a budget of $221,838,213 for fiscal year 2022-23.

The current operating budget is $215,343,377.

The approved budget is scheduled to be officially adopted at the June 28 meeting of the Board of Commissioners. The Budget Committee is composed of Jennifer Stanaway, chair; Kerri Johnson, vice-chair; Mellissa Barnard and Commissioners Roger Nyquist, Sherrie Sprenger and Will Tucker.

The highest inflation in the past 40 years was a major factor in building the budget document. County staff will receive a 5% cost-of-living adjustment, and Sheriff’s Office staff will also receive a 3% adjustment based on comparable salaries within other sheriff’s offices.

The approved budget is made up of the following: General Fund, $53,852,724; Road Fund, $42,482,445; Fair Fund, $527,000; Law Library, $290,501; General Grants Fund, $29,901,565; Bicycle and Pedestrian Fund, $114,368; Corner Preservation Fund, $618,384; Historical Fund, $37,501; County Forest Park Fund, $1,063,000; Health Fund, $48,832,915; County School Fund, $1,966,100; Federal Forests Title3/Restricted Fund, $235,000; Unemployment Insurance Fund, $1,581,958.

A general fund contingency is estimated at about $1 million.

Committee members approved a tax rate of $1.2736 and a law enforcement levy of $2.98 per $1,000 of property valuation.

The 4-H and Extension District Budget Committee approved a total revenue of $967,047, of which $875,316 is the OSU Extension Budget. Linn County reserves $823,916 for the building loan program, $76,400 for county materials and services and $52,583 in Capital Outlay for future building expenses.

Some $313,499 will go toward salaries, $217,705 for other payroll expenses, $25,000 for student salaries and $158,796 for supplies.

– Alex Paul, Linn County Communications Officer