Lyrics on the Lawn raises funds for Alzheimer’s Association

The Oaks at Lebanon hosted its third annual Lyrics on the Lawn Thursday, July 26, featuring Fate 55 and Jobe Woosley & Co.

Lyrics on the Lawn is one of several fundraisers organized by Angie Kutsch, executive director of The Oaks, and her staff every year to benefit The Alzheimer’s Association. They also raise money through annual benefit auctions and Walk to End Alzheimer’s events.

They’ve essentially adopted the nonprofit as their charity cause, and sometimes their own residents will be diagnosed with beginning stages of Alzheimer’s or dementia, said Jenni Grove, marketing director.

“There’s no weapons to fight it with,” Grove said.

Though there may not yet be cures for many diseases, such as cancer and heart disease, there are weapons to fight those with, she said.

“Once you get a diagnosis of Alzheimer’s, you don’t have the tool to fight it with. It’s just a diagnosis and you have to ride it out.”

The Oaks will be participating in a Walk to End Alzheimer’s fundraiser at 12 p.m. Sunday, Sept. 16, at Timber-Linn Memorial Park, 900 Price Road SE, Albany.

–Sarah Brown