OLCC issues pot product recall

The Oregon Liquor and Cannabis Commission (OLCC) has issued a mandatory recall for several marijuana products due to the potential presence of pesticides.

The possible marijuana product contamination is a result of failure to follow OLCC and Oregon Health Authority (OHA) rules for tracking and isolating marijuana products where the presence of pesticides has been detected.

This recall has been issued for 9,300 units and affects 13,600 sold to consumers. These products, which are concentrated forms of psychoactive tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), range from inhalable items including jars of THC extract and THC vape cartridges to an ingestible form of THC known as Rick Simpson Oil (RSO). They were manufactured by OLCC licensees under the trade names Bobsled and Quantum Alchemy.

Bobsled products: “Dolato Cured Resin Vape Cartridge,” manufactured 9/12/2022 (Label Id 5368) and sold starting 10/4/22; “Larry OG Cured Resin,” manufactured 8/29/2022 (Label Id 5326) and sold starting 9/15/2022; “Larry OG – Dabs Sugar Sauce,” manufactured 8/29/2022 (Label Id 5326) and sold starting 9/26/2022; “Stardawg Cured Resin,” manufactured 9/12/2022 (Label Id 5326) and sold starting 10/10/2022; “Frostbite Cured Resin,” manufactured 6/13/2022 (Label Id 5326) and sold starting 9/21/2022; “Sunburn Cured Resin,” manufactured 6/13/2022 (Label Id 5326) and sold starting 9/22/2022; and “Sunburn Sugar Sauce Extract,” manufactured 6/13/2022 (Label Id 5326) and sold starting 11/23/2022.

Quantum Alchemy products: “RSO Raspberry GMO,” manufactured 11/29/21 (Label Id 5764) and sold starting 11/28/22; “HTE Distillate R#ntz,” manufactured 11/30/21 and sold between 12/10/21 and 1/6/22; “HTE Distillate McR#ntz,” manufactured 2/21/22 and sold starting 9/23/22; and “Cart 1g HTE Distillate Milo,” manufactured 2/21/22 and sold starting 9/23/22.

The OLCC has notified retailers about the recall with instructions on how the products must be destroyed or returned to a licensed supplier for destruction. The OLCC used the state’s Cannabis Tracking System to detect potentially tainted products, contact their licensees and find all questionable items distributed and sold through Oregon’s regulated market.

OLCC inspectors will follow up with licensees in possession of affected products to ensure they are removed from sale, isolated from other inventory and then destroyed according to OLCC rules. Customers who have purchased this product can either return it to the OLCC-licensed retailer they purchased it from or destroy it.

The OLCC launched its investigation on November 29, 2022. The companies that produce Bobsled products (Bobsled, LLC) and Quantum Alchemy products (Happy Hollow Farms, Inc.) are cooperating

with OLCC. Although the discovery of these incidents occurred simultaneously, OLCC is investigating them as separate incidents.

Consumers with health-related concerns about a recalled product should contact the Oregon Poison Center at (800) 222-1222, or their medical provider.

For other recall-related complaints, they should notify the OLCC at olcc.recalls@oregon.gov with any information they have, including their own names, phone numbers and alternative means of contact.