OSU honor roll, April 2022

Names of students who have made the Scholastic Honor Roll Winter 2022 have been announced by Oregon State University.
To qualify, students must have a B-plus (3.5) or better while carrying at least 12 graded hours of course work.
Lebanon-area students on the Honor Roll included:
Kayla R. Antila, senior, Natural Resources; Isabella M. Ayala, senior, Environmental Sciences; Allen C. Benjamin, senior, Computer Science; Taylor M. Bilyeu, sophomore, Human Devel and Family Science; Penelope J. Boyd, senior, Kinesiology; Kylee M. Brown, freshman, English; Svea R. Bruslind, senior, Zoology; Frederick A. Buresh, junior, Biology; Zachary R. Campbell, sophomore, BioHealth Sciences; Destinee M. Candello, junior, Kinesiology; Elizabeth M. Carroll, senior, Interior Design; Avraj S. Dhote, senior, Business Information Systems; Nora A. Dykeman, senior, Kinesiology; James M. Ewing, junior, Elect and Computer Engineering; McKenna E. Geoghegan, senior, Psychology; Sophia G. Graves, sophomore, English; Brett A. Haines, senior, Mechanical Engineering; Daniel L. Hartman, senior, Human Devel and Family Science; April T. Hesser, sophomore, Nutrition; Noah D. Jacobsen, junior, Public Health; Trinity R. Jenson, sophomore, Accountancy; Jacob T. Jones, senior, Animal Sciences; Chloe N. Lewis, sophomore, English; Kenneth C. Long, junior, Construction Engineering Mgt; Jordan A. Mayton, freshman, History; Jaren A. Miller, freshman, Accountancy; Rebecca K. Munk, senior, Mathematics; Nhi L. Nguyen, freshman, Human Devel and Family Science; Alexis M. O’Hara, senior, Accountancy; Charles M. Patrick, senior, Manufacturing Engineering; Haley E. Reid, sophomore, Psychology; Toby N. Richardson-Byrd, junior, Civil Engineering; Ryan L. Roberts, junior, Computer Science; Chad W. Staneart, senior, Economics; Kylie M. Steiner, freshman, BioHealth Sciences; Samantha R. Stephens, senior, Rangeland Sciences; Sydney N. Vogt, senior, Anthropology; Matthew R. Weaver, senior, Human Devel and Family Science; Sarah C. Wienold, sophomore, Botany; and Kelcey A. Yeager, senior, Fisheries and Wildlife Sciences.