Planning Commission Reviews Plans for Subdivision, Traffic Signal

The Planning Commission reviewed the property annexation at 810 Key St., which involved a five-lot subdivision and various easements, during the June 26 meeting. The commission ultimately approved the subdivision with development conditions.

A previously approved project for a convenience store had adjustments, added extra square footage for future tenant space and additional parking; the commission approved the adoption of the changes.

Regarding code updates for the housing production strategy, the first project advisory committee will take place July 16.

The right-of-way for the future traffic light at Stoltz Hill Road was  signed and the commission planned to do a final review of drawings within the month. With signal pole lead times and the necessary Airport Road closure for the project, it will likely not happen until next summer to avoid road closure during the school year.

The commission briefly discussed concerns regarding city fees and building costs, as someone elected to build out of state until costs go down in Oregon, but it was pointed out that Lebanon fees are in line with other cities.