Police logs from Aug/Sept 2021

*All information presented herein is obtained from publicly available Oregon court and law enforcement records. The Oregon Public Records Law, as detailed in the Attorney General’s Public Records and Meeting Manual, allows public access to these records. Every individual named or referenced is presumed innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.

Note: Some Lebanon Police Department logs were unavailable for this issue.
Aug. 12
2:22 a.m. – Juan Dedios Ocon, 27, of Lebanon, arrested for DUI after crashing motor vehicle, 37300 block Sodaville Cutoff/Rock Hill Dr. Report taken.
7:42 a.m. – Caller reported vehicle theft; 2006 Dodge Ram 2500 stolen from driveway in 31800 block Lawrence St., between midnight and 4 a.m. Report taken. Vehicle was recovered at 4:08 p.m. in 29700 block Pleasant Valley Road/McDowell Creek Dr.
8:35 a.m. – Thomas Chohan, 49, of Lebanon, arrested for parole violation, cited for probation violation out of Lebanon Municipal Court. Report taken. 35400 block Washburn Heights Dr., Brownsville. Report taken.
12:03 p.m. – Gregory Blackwell, 48, of Springfield, arrested for driving while suspended, 31600 block Waterloo Road. Report taken.
6:49 p.m. – Deputies responded to single-vehicle non-injury crash, 1100 block Cascade Dr. Unnamed juvenile driver attempted to pass hay truck, didn’t realize oncoming car was coming, swerved to avoid car and crashed into rock retaining wall. Damage to wall estimated at $500. Report taken.
8:07 p.m. – Jason Beasley, 47, of Lebanon, arrested for violating restraining order. 300 block S. 13th St. Report taken.
Aug. 13
7:08 a.m. – Caller reported theft of a catalytic converter from a vehicle parked in driveway of residence in 31900 block Moss St. Report taken.
Aug. 14
8:20 a.m. – Jazmine Lynn, 26, of Lebanon, cited for speeding, 40/25, 1100 block W. Airport Road.
5:53 p.m. – Daniel Nofzinger, 38, of Lebanon, arrested for criminal mischief after damaging vehicle near Waterloo Park, 31200 block 1st St., Waterloo. Report taken.
6:56 p.m. – Caller reported trespassers in 37300 block Hwy. 226. Adam Patten, 50, and Lloyd Patten, 53, were allegedly in the process of dumping a travel trailer and garbage at the location, but got caught by property owner, according to Sheriff’s Office. They were trespassed from the location and picked up their trash.
11:36 p.m. – Dillan Weber, 20, of Lebanon, arrested for driving under the influence after crashing vehicle in 32400 block Denny School Road/Sand Ridge Road. Sheriff’s Office reported Weber’s breath sample showed blood alcohol count of .15%. Report taken.
Aug. 15
2:17 a.m. – Kevin Campbell, 27, of Lebanon, cited for speeding, 74/30, no operator’s license, 500 block of Laredo Way.
Aug. 16
7:34 a.m. – Caller reported car parts left at location. 32800 block Old Mill/Mt. Pleasant roads. Road Department notified for disposal.
10:52 a.m. – Caller reported deer, possibly in distress, in garden. Deputy arrived, “saw garden, did not see any deer. Deer must have hopped the fence, like they generally do.” 30700 block Fisher St./Sodaville Cutoff Dr.
3:48 p.m. – Caller reported fraudulent activity on her checking account. 33400 block Brewster Road. Report taken.
7:52 p.m. – Caller reported constant dog barking in 400 block Cascade Dr. Deputy responded, heard “occasional bark, but nothing which would justify a citation.”
9:31 p.m. – Kayla Joann Bias, 28, of Lebanon, arrested for Lebanon Municipal Court warrant for failure to appear. Cited and released. 38100 block Weirich Dr. Report taken.
Aug. 17
3:27 p.m. – Acea Anderson, 29, of Salem, arrested for driving while suspended. 38400 Perkins Dr. Report taken.
3:37 p.m. – Tawni Wolfenbarger, of Lebanon, arrested on Linn County Circuit Court warrant for contempt of court. 38400 Perkins Dr. Report taken.
Aug. 18
*Four traffic citations were issued by Lebanon Police to unidentified drivers.
12:47 a.m. – Jory Davis, 37, of Lebanon, arrested on multiple Linn County warrants following 9-1-1 hangup call in 600 block Vaughn Lane. Lodged at Linn County Jail. Report taken.
9:49 a.m. – Caller reported an “armed disturbance” in 30200 block Fairview Road. According to Sheriff’s Office, caller went onto owner’s property to retrieve some fence panels and was told to leave by owner, who fired a gun. No injuries reported. Deputies investigating. Report taken.
12:59 p.m. – Caller reported theft of mail document containing passport, $60. 34000 block Tallman Road. Report taken.
1:04 p.m. – Deputies recovered a stolen vehicle, 2006 Acura stolen from Lebanon, 2000 block Stoltz Hill Road.
1:51 p.m. – Deputies assisted Oregon Department of Forestry with a small brush fire on private property in 31800 block Bellinger Road.
3:11 p.m. – Adrionna Jolene Davis, 22, was cited for failure to obey a traffic control device and failure to carry proof of insurance, Oak St.
3:41 p.m. – Officer responded to call about a neighbor spinning cookies, kicking up dust, D St.
5:23 p.m. – Emily Rose-Marie Cruz, 33, was cited for using a cell phone while driving, Hwy. 34.
5:38 p.m. – Dylan Chandler Plagmann, 21, was cited for failure to obey a traffic control device and driving uninsured, Tangent St.
5:45 p.m. – Officer responded to a report about skateboarders in the high school parking lot. Subjects agreed to go to the skate park.
8:42 p.m. – Caller reported theft of motor vehicle, 30900 block Brownsville Road. Value $6,000. Report taken.
10:05 p.m. – Caller reported single-vehicle non-injury motor vehicle crash in 31700 block Berlin/Waterloo roads. James Shelton, 77, of Lebanon, said he swerved to miss a horse and rolled his vehicle. No horse was seen by deputies who responded. Shelton cited for driving while suspended. Report taken.
11:22 p.m. – Derek Leslie, 39, of Albany, cited for probation violation warrant after Sheriff’s Office contacted three males sleeping in gravel lot in front of church in 37100 block Gore Dr. The three said they had permission from the church, but according to Sheriff’s log, they actually appeared to be on county property.
Aug. 19
5:59 a.m. – Officer responded to a call about a car blocking lane of travel, Vaughan Ln. The driver had parked his car, partially blocking the lane. He was too tired to drive, and pulled over to sleep.
8:19 a.m. – David Johnathan Kepler and Leeroy Travis Freeman were trespassed from Rite-Aid for using power from the store and refusing to leave.
11:02 a.m. – Hannah Marie Johnson, 24, was cited for using a cell phone while driving, Santiam Hwy.
11:20 a.m. – Samantha Rose Widman, 30, was cited for using a cell phone while driving, Main St.
11:22 a.m. – Report taken for theft of motorized scooter, Main St.
11:31 a.m. – Frank Elliot Batham, 39, was cited for using a cell phone while driving, Main St.
11:31 a.m. – Report taken for theft of cone, Main St. Loss valued at $30.
11:51 a.m. – Morgan Jaylene Walker, 24, was cited for driving while suspended and driving uninsured, and for a Washington County court warrant for parole violation burglary II, Santiam Hwy.
12:00 p.m. – Caller reported vehicle burglary in 900 block Wagon Wheel Dr. Loss of items valued at $60. Under investigation. Report taken.
2:14 p.m. – Caller reported their dog missing or possibly stolen, 38700 block Buck Hill Lane. Report taken.
2:37 p.m. – Antonio Estradatorres, 40, was cited for using a cell phone while driving, Main St.
2:58 p.m. – Brian Patrick Schumacher, 39, was cited for using a cell phone while driving, Airport Rd.
4:00 p.m. – Katrina Ann Detlefsen, 40, was cited for using a cell phone while driving, Santiam Hwy.
4:08 p.m. – Caller reported an elderly male was drinking and intoxicated while having gas filled, and he had the caller throw his beer can away, Santiam Hwy.
6:10 p.m. – Officer responded to a call about a male walking in front of cars, and hit one of the car windows with his head, 5th St.
7:24 p.m. – Rebecca Duclos, 28, of Lebanon, cited on warrant and for giving false information after she allegedly lied to a deputy about her name during an investigation. 31300 block Bellinger Road. Report taken.
8:02 p.m. – Caller reported a toothless male riding a bike exposed himself in public, Santiam Hwy.
9:34 p.m. – Ongoing barking dog complaint in 400 block Cascade Dr. Deputy reported that “nothing met the standards for enforcement” after investigating.
Aug. 20
7:20 a.m. – Roy Quesnell, 24, cited for first-degree theft after allegedly stealing from Walmart after caller reported theft by employee. According to police log, he admitted stealing Lego sets, food items and drinks over a period of several months. Report taken.
7:31 a.m. – David Patrick Bolin, 56, arrested for reckless burning and Benton County Circuit Court warrant after report of transient camp on Park Street had fire in bushes. Report taken.
11:05 a.m. – Teen, 17, whose name was not available, referred to Juvenile Department for disorderly conduct after caller reported that neighbor, who had been trespassed, was making threats, had kicked a soccer ball at house and walked through yard back to sidewalk. Two painters working nearby witnessed the incident, according to police log. 5th Street.
11:11 a.m. – Caller reported ATM machine damaged after someone hit the pen pad hard enough to break it about week and a half previously. Caller said machine was looked at by technician and is total loss. Cost to replace is $150,000. Reviewing camera footage and will contact officer when more information is available. Report taken. Santiam Highway.
2:36 p.m. – Jessica Bryane Smith, 28, cited for Lebanon Municipal Court warrant for dog as public nuisance, Santiam Highway. Report taken.
5:18 p.m. – Taniya Thompson, 30, of Lebanon, arrested for fourth-degree felony domestic assault, after allegedly striking her significant other. 30500 block Merry Lane. Report taken.
8:02 p.m. – Sheriff’s Office responded to motorcycle crash in 34700 block Brewster Road. Operator Jamie Long, 43, of Dallas, avoided several deer in the roadway, but ended up crashing. Long was transported to hospital for minor injuries. Passenger, whose name was not available, was uninjured, according to Sheriff’s log. Report taken.
Aug. 21
8:08 a.m. – Austin Wilson, 26, of Lebanon, arrested for failure to perform the duties of a driver and first-degree criminal mischief after allegedly crashing a Chevrolet Tahoe into a fence on public property in 34000 block Tallman Road/KGAL Dr., causing “large amount of damage,” according to Sheriff’s Office. Report taken.
11:05 a.m. – Caller reported vehicle plates, tags stolen from 1992 Ford F150 parked on B Street. Caller said she had last observed the licensed plates a few days prior. Also missing was a bluetooth speaker. She said she may have left the vehicle unlocked. Report taken.
11:49 a.m. – Caller reported man exposing himself in 39100 block River Dr. Investigation ongoing. Report taken.
1:23 p.m. – Linda Kennedy, 21, cited for driving while suspended, 30800 block Waterloo Road/Highway 20.
7:33 p.m. – Criminal mischief reported in 300 block S. 13th St. Male broke vehicle window with rock and trespassed while violating restraining order. Under investigation. Report taken.
Aug. 22
1:18 a.m. – Victor Avilez, 23, of Lebanon, arrested for driving under the influence, reckless driving after single-vehicle crash in 36500 block Rock Hill Dr. Report taken.
3:45 a.m. – Monte Morehouse, 41, of Lebanon, arrested on outstanding warrant, 1700 block S. Main St. Cited for driving while suspended, driving uninsured, failure to drive within lane and operatinv a vehicle with nonstandard lighting. Report taken.
8:23 a.m. – Christopher Walter, 40, of Waterloo, arrested for contempt of court, 31100 block Kay St. Report taken.
7:48 p.m. – Brandon Watne, 37, of Sweet Home, arrested for failure to appear, 3200 block S. Santiam Hwy., Lebanon. Report taken.
9:03 p.m. – Caller from Europe reported suspicious circumstances while staying at camping Air BnB with male friend from city in 38100 block Golden Valley Dr. Neither had experience outdoors, according to Sheriff’s report. Male visitor noticed eyes a short distance away from them in an open field. One set turned to three sets and they were getting closer. Caller fled to another camp, a short distance away. A nearby camper assisted them in recovering a hairless cat from their tent. Deputies responded and spotted a doe deer with two fawns nearby. “They appeared to be real deer and not cougars in costume.” The caller and friend decided to leave.
10:51 p.m. – Anthony Broome, 27, of Lebanon, arrested for domestic harassment, two counts of second-degree criminal mischief, after altercation with family member, 30600 block Santiam Hwy.
Aug. 23
4:43 p.m. – Caller reported large turtle in road, 38600 block River Dr. Deputy responded but was unable to locate the subject.
Aug. 24
7:16 a.m. – Caller complained about dump trucks using unmuffled exhaust brakes, Mt. Hope Drive/Brewster Road.
4:33 p.m. – Joseph Robert Vargas Jr., 47, arrested on multiple warrants after traffic stop on Vine St. Vehicle impounded. Taken to Benton County Jail.
9:36 p.m. – Caller reported sometimes between 7:45 p.m. and time of the call someone broke into vehicle parked in back of building on Santiam Highway, broke into back hatch of locked vehicle. Amp, speaker box, fishing pole, backpack, two tackle boxes containing plastic worms and bass fishing gear, missing. Report taken.
8:36 p.m. – Troy Dean Bias, 31, cited and released on multiple warrants after he was spotted walking around Trademark Motors with a flashlight, Sherman Street. He was advised to inquire about a vehicle during normal business hours. Report taken.
Aug. 25
9:08 a.m. – Sheriff’s deputy responded to help Linn County Roads Department with “man-made traffic hazard” on Weldon Road.
12:51 p.m. – Randi Jo Goodwin, 36, cited for driving while suspended, driving uninsured, warned for failure to use seatbelt, taken into custody on multiple warrants. Bail set at $10,000. Isabella Street.
1:55 p.m. – Caller reported theft of new John Deere mower and a Kawasaki mower at Our Savior Lutheran Church, Main Street. Total loss value $4,750. Report taken.
6:42 p.m. – Caller reported theft of tools from locked contractor boxes, Market Street. Three Rigid toolboxes were stolen. Report taken.
Aug. 26
7:38 a.m. – Caller reported vehicle burglaries in 31600 block SW 5th St. No further details.
7:52 a.m. – Beverly Perez, 56, of Lebanon, cited for speeding, 78/55, 35500 block Rock Hill Dr.
9:27 a.m. – Marasia Winkler, 18, of Salem, cited for speeding, 74/55, 29200 block Santiam Hwy.
10:38 a.m. – Willa Raie Harris, 49, detained, cited on Lebanon Municipal Court warrant after caller reported that she would not leave location on 5th Street. Report taken.
11:09 a.m. – Caller reported his gun was stolen previous day from his pickup truck after he parked it on east Ash Street, then went to Walmart. He told police he had left the windows down for his dog and the gun was tucked between his seat and the console. Described as a Taurus J Frame 650 .357Mag hammerless double-action stainless steel, with rubber grip. No damage reported to vehicle. Report taken.
12:34 p.m. – Candice Gutierr-ez, 40, cited on multiple warrants after caller reported female who looked like she was about to set up camp near water plant on River Road near Fuller Lane. Gutierrez trespassed from property. Report taken.
3:03 p.m. – Zachary Christopher Kempton, 29, cited on Marion County warrant, 3rd Street. Report taken.
3:45 p.m. – Caller reported their vehicle was entered sometime during the night, black-colored Taser, valued at $30, missing. Vehicle had been unlocked. Jadon Drive.
3:49 p.m. – Brayden Michael Dallas Garber, 19, cited for driving under the influence after caller reported male driver in silver car hit a trash can, almost hit caller’s children and a parked vehicle. Caller reported this is an ongoing issue. 7th Street.
Aug. 27
2:07 a.m. – Marilyn Crosiar, 59, of Lebanon, arrested on parole violation warrant, Sweet Home Municipal Court warrant, 2100 block Mill St. Report taken.
8:45 a.m. – Vehicle dumped during the night in 200 block Taylor/Porter streets was partially blocking lane of travel, towed as hazard. Vehicle described as gold 2003 Infiniti. Report taken.
3:31 p.m. – Multiple vehicle crash reported in 36200 block Oak St./Fir Road. No injuries reported. According to Sheriff’s Office, vehicle ran into rear of vehicle driven by Marissa Moore, 20, of Lebanon, then fled. No description of suspect vehicle. Report taken.
3:58 p.m. – Caller reported strange item left in mailbox, 29200 block Speasl Road. According Sheriff’s Office, it was a vial of liquid smoke product with a piece of paper.
8:02 p.m. – Caller reported home was entered on two different occasions, 37300 block Gore Road. Report taken.
9:51 p.m. – Isaiah Alan Ledford, 19, cited for driving while suspended, driving uninsured, after traffic stop on Main Street. Aundra Dawn Tillotson, 23, cited on outstanding warrant. Vehicle towed. Report taken.
10:02 p.m. – Caller reported that male stole items from location, South Main Road. Described as having long black hair, riding a bike. Report taken for Theft 3.
Aug. 28
7:37 a.m. – Caller reported padlock broken on shed at ballpark, Main St. Caller took controllers for scoreboard for the weekend so they would be safe, as building was not able to be immediately secured.
8:34 a.m. – David Boggs, 41, of Sprague River, arrested on outstanding warrant, 2400 block S. Santiam Hwy. Report taken.
1:07 p.m. – Caller reported that someone had broken into her storage unit, stolen artwork, clothing, sewing machine, salt water tank filter and other items. Outside lock had been replaced by another one. Report taken. Investigation continuing. Laredo Street.
3:10 p.m. – Caller reported front window smashed on 2019 Toyota 4Runner, purse and backpack full of clothes taken. 3rd St. Report taken.
10:54 p.m. – Joshua Ryan Zurcher, 36, cited for outstanding warrants after police received report that someone had been maced on Main Street. Other participants did not want to talk about the incident, did not want police involvement. Report taken.
Aug. 29
5:22 a.m. – Caller reported disturbance in 400 block Cascade Dr. after neighbor heard female screaming. Deputies investigated and learned woman felt the need to yell after getting upsetting news.
7:21 p.m. – James Shelton, 77, of Lebanon, cited for dog as public nuisance, 32700 block Old Mill Road.
Aug. 30
3:11 a.m. – Lonnie Ballard, 65, of Lebanon, cited for driving uninsured, 200 block Gilbert/Truman streets.
10:58 p.m. – Jordan Gnos, 20, of Lebanon, cited for speeding, 83/55, Santiam Highway/Fairview Road.
Aug. 31
11:15 a.m. – Candice Gutierrez, 41, of Lebanon, arrested for probation violation and transported to Linn County Jail, 2400 block Fuller Lane. Report taken.
9:45 p.m. – Quentin Aho, 24, of Salem, cited for speeding, 82/55, Highway 34/Denny School Road.
11:17 p.m. – David Arroyo Sandaval, 41, of Sweet Home, cited and released on warrant, warned for no lights on bicycle, River Road/Mountain River Road. Report taken.
11:52 p.m. – Shelby Brigham, 55, of Lebanon, cited and released on two warrants, 1700 S. Main St. Report taken.
Sept. 1
3:54 a.m. – Michael Perry, of Sweet Home, cited for driving while suspended, 30600 block Santiam Hwy.
7:24 p.m. – Breanna Joy Gnuschke, 19, of Milwaukee, arrested for harassment following a report of a physical disturbance in 38500 block Weirich Dr.
11:23 p.m. – Kendal Clark Darby, 29, of Lebanon, arrested for parole violation warrants, 37000 block Middle Ridge Dr.
Sept. 2
11:46 p.m. – Caller reported being pulled over by a newer tan crew cab Dodge Ram pickup, with a matching canopy, in 29700 block Santiam Hwy. Caller said vehicle had a red and blue strobe light in the windshield and nothing further. Person in the vehicle was not believed to be law enforcement officer. Suspect got to the rear of caller’s vehicle before caller asked to see a badge or ID, as suspect’s vehicle did not appear to be a law enforcement vehicle. Suspect turned around, got in their vehicle and left. No plates on suspect vehicle. Report taken.
Sept. 3
11:18 a.m. – Shannon Dwayne Harrison, 51, cited for speeding, Oak Street.
2:24 p.m. – Anna Claire Odenwald, 23, cited for speeding, failure to obey traffic control device, Main Street.
2:28 p.m. – Donna Divine Lepa, 19, cited for using cellphone while driving, failure to present driver’s license, Main Street/Taco Bell.
3:18 p.m. – Jenny Sue Biggs, 47, cited for failure to carry proof of insurance, Main Street.
3:41 p.m. – Deputy patrolled McDowell Creek Park and spotted car that appeared to be lived in. No one was around and car was missing front license plate. A short time later, deputy spotted the vehicle in the upper parking lot, as male with a dog walked away from it. Displayed license plate did not match vehicle. Deputy was unable to locate male, but will follow up later.
Sept. 4
1:07 a.m. – Caller reported people banging on doors and yelling at hotel on Santiam Highway. Police responded to find parents locked out of hotel room with children inside. Multiple attempts to knock on windows and doors of hotel room and manager’s room were fruitless. Parents decided children were not in any danger and spent night in their vehicle.
2:12 a.m. – Kayla Gambill, 36, of Lebanon, cited and released on warrant, 2300 block Porter St.
2:46 a.m. – Linda Kennedy, 31, of Sweet Home, cited for driving while suspended, 4700 block Santiam Hwy.
6:34 p.m. – Caller reported damage to his vehicle parked at Lowe’s Distribution Center, Reeves Parkway. Police responded to find evidence that someone had kicked in the side of the vehicle. Caller said he thought the damage had occurred that day. Investigation continuing.
Sept. 5
10:22 a.m. – James Shelton, 76, of Albany, cited for dog as public nuisance, 32600 block Old Mill Road.
Sept. 6
7:18 a.m. – Cash Moore, 20, of Lebanon, cited for speeding, 81/55, Santiam Highway/Honey Sign Road.
11:15 a.m. – Caller requested welfare check on male lying in farm field in 35800 block Spicer Dr. Male had been riding his bike, stopped for a nap.
12:40 p.m. – Jason Sylvester, 46, of Lebanon, arrested on multiple outstanding warrants, 40000 block Lacomb Dr. Report taken.
3:08 p.m. – Caller reported someone broke three windows, Oak Street. Approximately $1,500 damage. Report taken.
6:01 p.m. – Latosha Hanson-Smith, 35, of Albany, arrested on two probation violation warrants out of Lebanon Municipal Court, Linn County Justice Court; cited for driving uninsured and driving while suspended, 41100 block Upper Berlin Dr./Berlin Road. Cited and released. Report taken.
6:12 p.m. – Brayden Mason, 18, of Sweet Home, cited for speeding, 81/55, Rock Hill Drive/Sand Ridge Road.
6:55 p.m. – Two-vehicle crash reported in 32200 block Bellinger Scale Road. Vehicle towing a boat slowed to turn into driveway when driver of a Ford Focus collided with first vehicle after, she told deputies, she looked down to get something off the floorboard. Further details, including names, unavailable. Report taken.
8:11 p.m. – Vincent Lee Holt Jr., 50, detained on multiple warrants, after report of intoxicated male trying to open cars, harassing female patrons in Gametime parking lot and standing in the middle of the street, Main Street.
Sept. 7
12:21 p.m. – Caller reported she witnessed two people almost get hit in crosswalk by motorcycle, Milton Street. She had photo of male on black Harley motorcycle with unreadable temporary tag.
4:30 p.m. – Peggy Sue Pitts, 34, cited for driving uninsured, warned for not wearing seatbelt. Santiam Highway.
4:39 p.m. – David Axmaker, 52, of Albany, arrested for driving under the influence, reckless driving, reckless endangering, 31100 Waterloo Road. Report taken.
6:26 p.m. – Terry Allan McCord, 23, cited for driving uinsured, failure to obey traffic control device, Santiam.
Sept. 8
3:17 a.m. – Susan Luna, 48, of Sweet Home, cited for driving while suspended, no insurance and failure to register vehicle.
9:12 a.m. – David Beasley cited and released on Lebanon Municipal Court warrant. Beasley also told police his $1,000 bicycle had been stolen. Bicycle described as black with silver flames, 20-inch wheels, Orange County chopper-style with big handlebars. Santiam Highway.
11:04 a.m. – Joshua Martin Hughes, 19, cited for speeding in school zone. 10th Street.