Prosperity, the result of planning, manifests itself in multiple ways

We have to admit, we may be a little biased when it comes to food trucks.

More than one of our staff are big fans of the food  wagons and we like what it means when we hear City Council members discussing how to handle an apparent growing demand for them (page 1). At least, demand for more space.

We’re not here to advocate one way or the other on the issues, though some seating and restroom facilities might be nice. We’re guessing the city and prospective operators will get it figured out because, ultimately, the product’s got to be appealing enough to bring us, the public, in at lunch and dinnertime.

What we’re really seeing here is the growth of a community. After all, how big a concern were food truck offerings 20 years ago?

This is a payoff for planning that started decades ago and continued with the 2040 Plan, the establishment of the Economic Development Department and the arrival of light industry that showed the rest of the state – and beyond – what could happen in a former timber town that decided to put the spotted owl behind it and get on with business, play to its strengths.

The MBVA Building (page 18) is another example. Once the home of Lebanon’s J.C. Penney store, it’s been reconstituted as a hub for new businesses, shared work space with amenities that make people want to work.

This is a growing trend, pioneered by companies such as WeWork, which occupies the former Custom House in Portland, as well as locations across the country, including other cities in the Mid-Valley, which attract entrepreneurs and more established organizations alike that seek work space.

With top-end wi-fi and comfortable office accommodations, they set the stage, especially for the younger generations, for entrepreneurial efforts and, hopefully, business success.

Readers of the real estate sales listings (page 15) may notice the number of transactions involving Lebanon properties. Although we don’t list Albany sales, Lebanon’s were more than double – based on population – those of any other local city in the last month. We checked.

We think there’s a reason.