Re: schools, Thanksgiving and the local paper

Good news from Lebanon schools

Good things are happening at Lebanon Community Schools that we wanted to share.
First, the school year is in full swing and we are glad to have our students back in the classroom.
Second, we completed an assessment to identify improvements and projects needed at our school facilities, including the Lebanon Community Pool.
That report is available on our website at www.lebanon.k12.or.us.
This summer we surveyed community members to identify funding priorities. Large-scale maintenance projects, and improving safety and security systems topped the list.
There also was strong support to add space to expand preschool programs for young families, and renovate the Lebanon Community Pool.
We will apply to the state for a grant to help offset the cost of these capital projects. The grant is contingent on local matching funds being raised through a voter-approved bond.
With the grant, the bond is projected to be $60 per year ($5 per month) for the average homeowner. We will continue to share information as it becomes available.
Good schools are a cornerstone to a thriving community. Your support of our staff and students makes this possible, and we are grateful.

Mike Martin, Chair
Lebanon Community School District Board of Directors

Reflections on Thanksgiving Day

Time for family,
Time for friends,
Time to be grateful,
Plentiful table, end to end.
Whether it is the real deal,
Or tofu turkey,
There is room at the table,
For every kind of turkey.
Family, extended and beyond,
Gather round the table,
Exchange pleasantries,
Give grace and applause.
The wine flows,
Tongues loosen,
Soon someone says something,
They should have kept hidden?
The argument starts,
Insults and accusations fly,
Just about the time,
We are ready for pie.
And so it goes,
An American tradition,
To give thanks and slurs,
Just a sign of our condition.
The company parts,
And puts aside their griefs,
Until next year,
Same time, same place, different beef!

DC Snell

Reader appreciates local news reports

Just want to say thanks for the great job you guys do in keeping us informed about the goings-on around town. I look forward to seeing the paper. And congrats on the six years of the news.

Joyce Reppenhagen