School board discusses strategic plan at meeting

By Sarah Brown
Lebanon Local
The board of the Lebanon Community School District performed some basic housecleaning during its July 8 meeting, including examining objectives for the 2021-22 school year.
“Basically, nothing’s really changed in what we’re trying to do goal-wise,” district superintendent Bo Yates said.
Yates had met with the grade levels and developed a one-page district strategic plan for each, which is available at lebanon.k12.or.us.
He emphasized that he tried to make everything simple and succinct so that parents could easily access support information regarding the plan.
“There’s nothing new in here, but what we’re trying to do is market it in an easier way for parents and our community to take in,” he said.
As the schools return to normal states of function following the pandemic, Yates said the first goal is to get students back into a routine and get to know them. Following that will be an examination of their social and emotional states to determine how best to help them. Then they need to assess where thekids are at, academically.
“What we were thinking about doing is averaging our STAR results from the previous two years — pre-COVID — and taking a look at where our kids were at that point,” Yates said, adding that the information would be used as a baseline to determine how far behind students had fallen and what they needed to do.
Essentially, Yates wants to build systems to provide continual improvement.
“If we have good systems in place and develop simplified, effective systems, then we’ll continue to grow,” he said. “I really want us to have some slow, consistent growth.”

In other business:
♦ Mike Martin, Tom Oliver and Todd Gestrin took their oaths of office as board members. Also, Martin was elected as chair, and Richard Borden was nominated as vice chair.
♦ Approved the board meeting schedule for 2021-22.
♦ Approved Resolution 2122-1 for representations and authorizations for the Lebanon Community School District.