School district seeks input on facilities needs

Lebanon Community School District is conducting a survey of residents. The goal is to collect information about our school facilities and their maintenance needs. Please take part in the survey if contacted.

Our school facilities are a source of pride and use by the Lebanon community. Teachers in classrooms provide a quality education for students. School kitchens feed students and, as witnessed during the pandemic, the whole community. School buildings and athletic facilities are available for the community to use to celebrate, socialize or exercise.

The community pool is also owned by school district residents, and operated by the Lebanon Aquatics District. This facility provides recreation and life-saving skills for all ages, and attracts visitors from outside Lebanon who also shop at local businesses.

Quality schools and facilities help to attract families, businesses and investment to our area. Maintaining these facilities is not only important to student achievement, but also builds a strong local economy and enhances our quality of life. Your support makes this possible and we thank you in advance for participating in the survey if contacted.


Bo Yates, Superintendent