Seminar: processing grief

Sweet Home Evangelical Church will host a “Good Grief” support event for those grappling with the profound pain of loss on Sunday, Nov. 19, at 1467 Long St. Sweet Home.

Sponsored by local businesses and nonprofits, and organized by a team of compassionate locals who have experienced unimaginable losses themselves, “Good Grief” aims to unite their strength and resilience in order to help others navigate the difficult journey of grief.

Event organizers Rachel Maynard, Anita Hutchins and Ed Skipper came together after enduring personal tragedies and found solace in their shared experiences. Maynard lost her son, Zachary, in an accident at Foster Lake in 2020. Hutchins faced her daughter Carlene Erickson’s battle with illness, while Skipper struggled with the sudden loss of his father during his teenage years. Their collective resilience inspired them to collaborate with Pastor Jim Corley to create an event aimed at fostering healing, understanding and community support.

A Sunday morning worship service begins at 10:30 a.m. with Skipper sharing his story and offering a narrative of resilience, faith and hope. An afternoon seminar, “How to Process Grief,” will provide insight and practical strategies for processing grief.