Sheriff’s volunteers donate school supplies to new teachers

New teachers Hannah Galka and Emma Brock were each treated to several bags of school supplies and a survival kit to help them through their first year at Hawthorne Elementary School in Sweet Home.

Linn County Sheriff’s Office Lebanon Substation volunteers collected supplies and donations throughout the year.

Sue Weinbrecht coordinated the effort with volunteers Shirley Van Epps, Carl Weinbrecht, Dee Gaylord, Jan and Jim Jones, Judy LeSuer, Mac McNulty and David Poto.

They shopped around and looked for deals. Weinbrecht said they were able to buy approximately $1,300 worth of supplies for about $200.

Those efforts resulted in items ranging from colorful thumbtacks to rulers, notebooks, crayons, small tools and even duct tape.

“We chose many supplies that the teachers would use rather than supplies that were oriented towards student use,” Weinbrecht said.

They also purchased items, such as crayons, colored pencils and spiral bound notebooks, for students.

Galka and Brock were in the same teaching program at the University of Oregon.

Galka, who is teaching kindergarten, is from Eugene. Brock, who is from Silverton, is teaching fifth grade.